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24 August 2019

Books supported by the Translation Fund

Above are some examples of books by Scottish writers that have been translated into other languages with the support of the Translation Fund.

The Publishing Scotland Translation Fund is designed to encourage international publishers to translate works by Scottish writers. For more information about applying, see the Application page.

There will be new round of funding launched in the summer of 2019.

The publishers and books awarded grants so far are listed below.

ROUND TWO OF 2018/19

Seventeen international publishers have received funding totalling £15,380. Translations will be published in Catalan, Dutch, Estonian, German, Hungarian, Italian, Romanian, Serbian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai and Ukrainian.                               

  • Condor (The Netherlands) will translate Monstrous Devices - Damien Love (Viking/Penguin, 2018)
  • Double Nickels (Italy) will translate This is Memorial Device - David Keenan (Faber, 2017)
  • Ediciones Siruela (Spain) will translate Shapeshifters - Gavin Francis (Profile, 2018)
  • Gamme Magie Editions (Thailand) will translate The Diary of a Bookseller - Shaun Blythell (Profile, 2017)
  • Heyne Hardcore (Germany) will translate February's Son - Alan Parks (Canongate, 2018)
  • Krok Publisher (Ukraine) will translate Tomorrow we will Live here - Ryan Van Winkle (Salt, 2010)
  • Litera Publishing House (Romania) will translate Winter - Ali Smith (Penguin RH, 2017)
  • Magvető Publishing (Hungary) will translate How to be both - Ali Smith (Hamish Hamilton 2014)
  • Modernista Group AB (Sweden) will translate A Treachery of Spies - Manda Scott (Bantam, 2018)
  • Partizanska knjiga (Serbia) will translate Young Adam - Alexander Trocchi (Oneworld, 2008)
  • Safarà Editore (Italy) will publish Janine 1982 - Alasdair Gray (Canongate, 1984)
  • Singel Uitgeverijen (The Netherlands) will translate The Long Take - Robin Robertson (Picador, 2018)
  • Uitgeverij Cossee (The Netherlands) will translate Sal - Mick Kitson (Canongate, 2018)
  • Umco DD (Slovenia) will translate The Living Mountain - Nan Shepherd (Canongate, 2011)
  • Varrak Publishers (Estonia) will translate Sweet Caress - William Boyd (Bloomsbury, 2015)
  • Viena Edicions (Spain) will translate (into Catalan) The Diary of a Bookseller - Shaun Blythell (Profile, 2017)
  • Verlag Freies Geistesleben (Germany) will translate Mind Blind - Lari Don (Floris Books, 2014)


ROUND ONE 2018/19

Eleven international publishers have received funding totalling £11,845 in this round. They will be publishing translations in Albanian, Greek, Italian, Portugese, Simplified Chinese and Spanish.

  • Artistas Unidos, Portugal, will translate Meet me at Dawn  / Further than the Furthest Thing - Zinnie Harris (Faber 2010/2017)
  • Edizioni Sur, Italy, will translate Winter - Ali Smith (Hamish Hamilton, 2016)
  • Gatopardo Ediciones, Spain, will translate This is Not About Me - Janice Galloway (Granta, 2008)
  • Giuliano Ladolfi Editore, Italy, will translate Sincerity - Carol Ann Duffy (Picador, 2018)
  • Hunan Literature and Art Publishing House, China, will translate The Illuminations - Andrew O'Hagan (Faber, 2015)
  • Kastaniotis Editions, Greece, will translate Autumn - Ali Smith (Hamish Hamilton, 2016)
  • Key Books, Greece, will translate The Diary of a Bookseller - Shawn Blythell (Profile Books, 2017)
  • Le Lettere, Italy, will translate Selected Christmas Poems - Carol Ann Duffy (Picador, various)
  • Ombra GVG, Albania, will translate How to be Both - Ali Smith (Penguin, 2015)
  • Todavia, Brazil, will translate His Bloody Project - Graeme Macrae Burnet (Saraband, 2015)
  • Volcano Libros, Spain, will translate 60 Degrees North - Malachy Tallack (Polygon, 2015)


ROUND TWO 2017/18

Twelve international publishers have been awarded funding totalling £12,690 to translate books into Armenian, Chinese, Georgian, German, Italian, Macedonian, Serbian, and Ukrainian.

  • MnM Print Edizioni, Italy, will translate Language of my Choosing - Anne Pia (Luath Press, 2017)
  • Partizanska knjiga, Serbia, will translate Wasted in Love - Allan Wilson (Cargo Publishing, 2011)
  • Heyne Hardcore, Germany, will translate The Rise & Fall of the Miraculous Vespas - David Ross (Orenda Books, 2016)
  • Edizioni Kolibris, Italy, will translate This Changes Things - Clare Askew (Bloodaxe, 2016)
  • Archipel Press, China, will translate The Secret Life: Three True Stories - Andrew O'Hagan (Faber & Faber, 2017)
  • Luciana Tufani Editrice, Italy, will translate Sightlines - Kathleen Jamie (Sort of Books, 2012)
  • Krok Books, Ukraine, will translate The Good Dark - Ryan Van Winkle (Penned in the Margins, 2015)
  • TRI Publishing Centre, Macedonia, will translate How Late it Was, How Late - James Kelman (Harvill Secker, 1994)
  • Guitank Publishing, Armenia, will translate The Whole Story and Other Stories - Ali Smith (Penguin, 2004)
  • Edizioni Sur, Italy, will translate Autumn - Ali Smith (Hamish Hamilton, 2016)
  • Leone Editore, Italy, will translate Murderabilia - Craig Robertson (Simon & Schuster, 2017)
  • Kein Und Aber, Switzerland, will translate The Book of Strange New Things - Michel Faber (Canongate Books, 2014)


ROUND ONE 2017/18

There were 19 applicants for round 1 funding and a total of 13 publishers and books received awards:

  • Edicions Sidillà, Girona, will translate The Living Mountain - Nan Shepherd (Canongate Books)
  • Edizioni Medusa, Milan, will translate The Bonniest Companie - Kathleen Jamie (Picador)
  • Folio Verlag, Vienna, will translate The Nessman - Alasdair Campbell (Birlinn)
  • Galaxia Gutenberg, Barcelona, will translate You Have to Be Careful in the Land of the Free - James Kelman (Penguin)
  • Guggolz Verlag, Berlin, will translate Sunset Song - Lewis Grassic Gibbon
  • IT-LIB AB, Gothenberg, will translate The World's Wife - Carol Ann Duffy (Picador)
  • Kastaniotis Editions, Athens, will translate The Mermaids Singing - Val McDermid (HarperCollins)
  • Ladolfi Editore, Rome, will translate Fiere - Jackie Kay (Picador)
  • Open Books Co, Gyeonggi-do (Korea), will translate His Bloody Project - Graeme Macrae Burnet (Saraband)
  • Text Publishing, Moscow, will translate The Comforters - Muriel Spark (Macmillan)
  • De Bezige Bij, Amsterdam, will translate Diary of a Bookseller - Shaun Bythell (Profile)
  • Volcano Libros, Madrid, will translate Sightlines - Kathleen Jamie (Sort of Books)
  • Vukovic & Runjic, Zagreb, will translate The Crimson Petal and the White - Michel Faber (Canongate Books)


ROUND TWO 2016/17

There were 21 applicants for round 2 funding and 8 publishers and books received awards:

  • Haramada Publications, Greece, will translate  Filmish: A Graphic Journey through Film - Edward Ross (Selfmadehero, 2015)
  • L'Altra Editorial, Spain, will translate This Must be the Place - Maggie O'Farrell (Tinder, 2016)
  • Ergon Publishing, Bulgaria, will translate School Ship Tobermory - A MCall Smith (Birlinn, 2015)
  • Varrak Publisher, Estonia, will translate His Bloody Project - G Macrae Burnet (Saraband, 2016)
  • Vega Forlag AS, Norway, will translate The Undiscovered Islands - Malachy Tallack (Polygon/ Birlinn 2016)
  • Editions Metailie, France, will translate Dirt Road - James Kelman (Canongate, 2016)
  • Edition Steinrich, Germany, will translate A Book of Silence - Sara Maitland (Granta, 2008)
  • Crocetti Editore, Fondazione Poesia Onlus, Italy, will translate Darling - New & Selected Poems - Jackie Kay (Bloodaxe, 2007)


ROUND ONE 2016/17

There were 26 applications for round 1 funding and 12 publishers and books received awards:

  • Ambo/Anthos uitgevers B.V, Netherlands, will translate The Outrun - Amy Liptrot (Canongate)
  • Atena Kustannus, Finland, will translate Wasp - Ian Garbutt (Birlinn/Polygon)
  • Editorial Sexto Piso, Spain, will translate This is Memorial Device: An Hallucinated Oral History of the Post-Punk Music Scene in Airdrie, Coatbridge and Environs 1978-1986 - David Keenan (Faber)
  • Edizioni Joker, Italy, will translate The Poems of Norman MacCaig (Birlinn/Polygon)
  • Europa Verlag, Germany, will translate An Exquisite Sense of what is Beautiful - J. David Simons (Saraband)
  • Fazi Editore, Italy, will translate I put a spell on you - John Burnside (Jonathan Cape)
  • Gatopardo Ediciones, Spain, will translate Free Love and Other Stories - Ali Smith (Virago/Little Brown)
  • Hena, Croatia, will translate The Panopticon - Jenni Fagan (Random House)
  • Matthes & Seitz, Germany, will translate The Living Mountain - Nan Shepherd (Canongate)   
  • Plataforma Editorial SL, Spain, will translate Adventures in Human Being - Gavin Francis (Profile Books)
  • Verlag Freies Geistesleben, Germany, will translate The Nowhere Emporium - Ross MacKenzie (Floris Books)   
  • Zalozba Zala, Slovenia, will translate Red Dust Road - Jackie Kay (Picador)

 See also our press release of 15 September on our news page.


ROUND ONE 2015/16

We received 17 applications for round 1 of the 2015/16 fund and 9 applications for round 2. The following titles will be translated in 2016 with the support of our fund:

See the round one press release dated 25 January 2016

  • The Testament of Gideon Mack - James Robertson (Penguin): Bokbyen Forlag, Norway
  • The Secret Life and Curious Death of Miss Jean Milne - Andrew Nicoll (Black & White Publishing): Sonzogno Di Marsilio, Italy (see picture above)
  • A Lovely Way to Burn - Louise Welsh (John Murray): Verlag Kunstmann, Germany (see picture above)
  • Straight White Male - John Niven (Windmill Books): Malapso Ediciones, Spain
  • The Accidental - Ali Smith (Penguin): TRI Publishing, Macedonia
  • His Bloody Project - Graeme Macrae Burnet (Contraband): Europa Verlag, Germany
  • The Girl in the Bunker - Tracey S Rosenberg (Cargo Publishing): Atmosphere Libri, Italy
  • The First Person and Other Stories - Ali Smith (Penguin): Editura Univers, Romania
  • A Painted Field - Robin Robertson (Picador): Aleph Klub, Albania
  • Ath Aithne - Martainn Mac an t'Saoir (Gaelic)/Reacquaintance - Martin MacIntyre (English) (Clar): Vents D'Ailleurs, France
  • Tony Hogan Bought me an Icecream Float before he Stole my Ma - Kerry Hudson (Vintage): Minimum Fax, Italy

ROUND TWO 2015/16

  • How a Gunman Says Goodbye - Malcolm Mackay (published by Mantle) to be published by Polis Publishing,  Greece)
  • How to be Both - Ali Smith (published by Hamish Hamilton) to be published by Edizioni Sur, Italy
  • Trackman - Catriona Child (published by Luath Press) to be published by Edizioni Condaghes, Italy
  • The Hourglass Factory  - Lucy Ribchester (published by Simon & Schuster) to be published by Alef Publishing, Turkey
  • The Royal Stuarts - Allan Massie (published by Jonathan Cape) to be published by Della Porta Editori, Italy
  • Strip Jack - Ian Rankin (published by  Orion) to be published by Modernista, Sweden
  • And the Land Lay Still - James Robertson (published by Penguin) to be published by Edizioni Paginauno, Italy
  • When Will There Be Good News - Kate Atkinson (published by Little Brown) to be published by Bata Press, Macedonia