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The network for trade,
training and development 

23 November 2017


Annual Report 2015-2016

Our most recent annual report can be downloaded as a PDF: annual report 2015-2016.


Consolidated Accounts 2015-2016

Our most recent consolidated accounts can be downloaded as a PDF: consolidated accounts 2015-2016.


Publishing Scotland's Board

Board Elections 2016

In November 2016 four trustees stepped down from office and four put themselves forward for election. Fiona Brownlee and James Crawford stood for a second term of office. All were elected or re-elected unopposed.

The Publishing Scotland Board has up to 12 members: five directors drawn from the publisher membership; two from the network membership; and up to four co-opted members plus the Chief Executive. The Board meets approximately four times a year.
According to our Memorandum and Articles of Association, any directors who have served for a period of two years shall retire from office at the AGM but shall then be eligible for re-election for a further two years.   

There is provision to co-opt up to four Board members from outside the publishing sector.

The current Board (as from November 2016)

Publishing Scotland is a registered charity governed by a Board of Trustees. The Board is made up of five publisher members, two network members, Publishing Scotland's Chief Executive, and two co-opted members. The publisher members and network members are all elected to the Board by the membership.

  • James Crawford, Historic Environment Scotland (PUBLISHER): Chair
  • Kate Gibb, Canongate (PUBLISHER): Treasurer
  • Davinder Bedi, BookSource (CO-OPTED)
  • Simon Brown, Anderson Strathern (CO-OPTED)
  • Fiona Brownlee, Brownlee Donald (NETWORK)
  • Moira Forsyth, Sandstone Press (PUBLISHER)
  • Mairi Sutherland (NETWORK)
  • Timothy Wright, Edinburgh University Press (PUBLISHER)
  • Marion Sinclair, Publishing Scotland


There are also two committees: Trade and Marketing, and Training.

The members of the Trade and Marketing Committee are:

  • James Crawford (Historic Environment Scotland)
  • Naomi Farmer (Edinburgh University Press)
  • Chani McBain (Floris Books)
  • Alison McBride (Black & White Publishing)
  • Gavin MacDougall (Luath Press)
  • Laura Waddell (HarperCollins)
  • Jen Wallace (Canongate Books)
  • Marion Sinclair, Chief Executive, Publishing Scotland
  • Eleanor Logan,Trade Liaison Manager, Publishing Scotland
  • Gill Tasker, Book Marketing Manager, Publishing Scotland


The members of the Training Committee are:

  • Ann Crawford (Publishing Consultant)
  • Leah McDowell (Floris Books)
  • Sarah Mitchell (HarperCollins)
  • Susan Pacitti (Glasgow Museums Publishing)
  • Mairi Sutherland (Freelance Editor/Project Manager)
  • Marion Sinclair, Chief Executive, Publishing Scotland
  • Joan Lyle, Training and Information Manager, Publishing Scotland



Publishing Scotland is a registered charity (SC009404), governed by a main Board of Trustees with responsibility for overall policy setting and financial matters. We are also a company limited by guarantee (SC317586).



Publishing Scotland acknowledges the generous support from Creative Scotland, and is also funded partly by annual subscriptions from the membership, and by earned income from activities and revenue from the trading subsidiary, BookSource.