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25 February 2018

London Book Fair: 10 to 12 April 2018

10 April 2018

Publishing Scotland hosts a Books from Scotland stand for members at the London Book Fair every year.

The 2018 fair is taking place at the Olympia Conference Centre and we will be at stand 2C80 for members.

The following members will be exhibiting at the fair on our collective stand 2C80:

Other members who will be exhibiting at the fair are:


For more information about the fair generally, visit the official London Book Fair website.


The photos above of the 2017 fair were taken by our Member Services Manager, Lucy Feather (except for the one of Lucy which was taken by Gill Tasker, Book Marketing Manager).


Prepare for Book Fairs

Whether it's your first visit to a trade book fair or you've been before, have a look at our Prepare for Book Fairs PDF for some tips and advice on how to get the most out of your time there.


Five Top Tips for preparing for London Book Fair appointments

from one of our publishers who has learned from experience


If you are thinking of going to a London Book Fair, make sure to take note of these tips from one of our publishers.

1. When to make appointments

Make your appointments well in advance. Many people's diaries are already filling up. Don't leave it until one or two weeks before the fair.

2. Time-slots

Appointments are half-hour slots from 9am to 5.30pm. The halls at London aren't so vast that you can't easily get from one appointment to another. The Agents Centre can take longer to get into because of extra security. A spreadsheet with space for each time-slot can be a good way to keep track of your schedule.

3. Where to have meetings

You can arrange appointments both at your stand, or the other person's stand. Many foreign publishers just 'visit' LBF and don't have stands of their own. As a rule of thumb, if you're buying a service (eg from a printer, or buying rights from another publisher), the meeting will be on their stand.  If you're selling (eg rights on your books, or books to a wholesaler, retailer or rep), the meeting will be on your stand.

4. Who to meet

Think about the different types of people you might want to see. Here are few to consider:

  • Foreign publishers -- you selling foreign language rights (your stand)
  • Foreign publishers or agents -- you buying English rights (their stand, if they have one)
  • Wholesalers, eg Gardners, Betrams (your stand, so they can see the range of books you publish)
  • Other retailers, eg Waterstone's, independents you trade with, bookclubs, remainder dealers (your stand, except remainder dealers)
  • Reps and other trade partners, eg Faber Factory -- if you share reps, they may well be at LBF meeting with their other publishers (your stand)
  • Printers (their stand)
  • Other services, eg eBook converters, App-makers, distributors, print-on-demand printers, etc (their stand)

5. Attend seminars

There's also a good programme of free seminars at the London Book Fair. Get there early to ensure getting a seat at the popular ones. Block off those time slots in your schedule so you don't double-book.