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20 August 2019

Social class inequalities in publishing

17 April 2018

The Bookseller has a good summary of a new report on social class inequalities in the creative industries. The Bookseller article highlights a £23K 'class pay gap' in publishing and findings that over a third of the workers are from upper middle class social origins with only about an eighth from working class origins. See Katherine Cowdrey in The Bookseller 17 April 2018

The report published on 16 April 2017 - Panic, Social Class, Taste and Inequalities in the Creative Industries by lead authors Dr Orian Brook, Dr David O'Brien, and Dr Mark Taylor - can be downloaded from the Barbican website. It demonstrates that the cultural and creative industries are marked by significant inequalities; in particular, the social class background of the workforce, and how this intersects with other issues, including attitudes and values, experiences of working for free, social networks, and cultural tastes. Its starting point was to provide an understanding of the scale of social inequalities. Its findings provide a clearer understanding of how these inequalities operate to exclude sectors of society from cultural and creative occupations and raise questions about this, cultural consumption and the nature of the cultural and creative sector itself.

On 27 June the Barbican is hosting an afternoon of panel discussions and conversation to reflect on the report culminating in an evening talk: see the Barbican website.