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22 February 2018

About our training

What do we provide?

We provide training in publishing skills and have done for more than 25 years. As publishing encompasses a wide variety of tasks, it requires a breadth of creative, business and technical skills.

Go to our Training course list for more details of current courses and to book online. Get in touch with our Training and Information Manager if you have any suggestions for courses.


Why do we do it?

There is a need for publishing training in Scotland. Our training programme was set up to overcome the distance, cost and time issues involved in accessing training based in London.


Who is it for?

Publishing in its broadest sense is defined as 'making public' and the explosion of social media (from websites to Twitter), means more content is being published than ever before. Many of our courses (like proofreading, writing digital content and business writing skills) are just as valuable to people who work outside the traditional book publishing industry.


How do we do it?

We constantly monitor developments and consult extensively (with members and others) to commission the right publishing training for people in Scotland.


Who are the trainers?

We work with a variety of tutors to suit the situation. Most are acknowledged experts and good links with the Publishing Training Centre in London and specialist publishing training providers like Marketability, Imago and ALPSP assist in bringing world-class training to Scotland. Some tutors are Publishing Scotland members who generously share their hard-earned knowledge and expertise with their peers, often creating supportive networks in the process.


How is the training delivered?

Our most popular training format is the public one-day course. These are generally tutor-led with discussions and exercises (eg proofreading and writing digital content), or practical workshops (eg using InDesign and practising presentation skills). Most courses have accompanying materials to take away for reference and some have the option for follow-up practice. We are also investigating other forms of delivery.

Training mainly takes place in central Edinburgh at Scott House where Publishing Scotland is based. The feedback on the training rooms and facilities is excellent.

In-house training is also available for all of our courses. Recent courses run in-house include Writing Digital Content and Proofreading. Bespoke courses can also be provided.


How much does it cost?

Our fees are great value at only £260+VAT for non-members and £175+VAT for members with early booking. For groups, in-house training can be more cost-effective as well as allowing for tailoring to your organisation's particular needs.


For more information contact, Joan Lyle, our Training and Information Manager.


Other training providers and skills organisations

The Publishing Training Centre

The PTC's training programme is available on its website.

Publishing Scotland and The Publishing Training Centre (PTC) are working together to bring world-class publishing training to publishers based in Scotland. The PTC is based in London and is the UK's leading supplier of training to the publishing industry. The Publishing Scotland training programme was set up to overcome the distance, cost and time issues involved in accessing training based in London.


Marketability and PTC logos



Marketability's training programme is available on its website.

Rachel Maund and her team at Marketability regularly run courses for Publishing Scotland - most recently Social Media Marketing Boot Camp and in-house copywriting and grammar courses.



Imago's training has been developed specifically for publishing staff by people who work in the publishing and printing industries. Imago runs a rolling programme of scheduled courses at its publishing training centre in Oxfordshire but can deliver training anywhere. See its website for details. 


The Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers (ALPSP)

ALPSP training courses are tailored to meet the requirement of the academic and professional publishing market, including both not-for-profit organisations of all sizes and commercial publishers. See the ALPSP website for details.


BIC production courses

Book Industry Communication (BIC) - the book industry's supply chain organisation - has developed a suite of production training courses in consultation with its publisher members. Although designed with BIC Member's requirements in mind, the courses are available to both BIC members and non-members alike. Ranging in length from half a day, to two days, the production courses include: an introduction to colour printing, ebook creation, pre-press for publishing and production for non-production people. If there is sufficient interest, they can run most of the courses in Scotland. See the BIC website for details. BIC also runs courses on metadata


Society for Editors and Proofreaders

The Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP) is a professional organisation based in the UK for editors and proofreaders. The SfEP website contains much information including details of its training courses.


Cultural Enterprise Office

Cultural Enterprise Office is Scotland's specialist business support and development service for creative businesses and practitioners. As well as providing information and advice it runs events to help creative businesses and practitioners swap experiences, gather information and hone professional skills.


Creative Scotland

The national development agency for the arts, screen and creative industries lists creative opportunities including courses on its website.