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15 August 2018

Advanced InDesign Techniques for Book Publishers

3 October 2018

Date :   Wednesday 3 October 2018
Time:    9.30am to 4.30pm
Venue:  Edinburgh Training Centre, 16 St Mary's Street, Edinburgh EH1 1SU


Adobe InDesign is the industry standard software used by publishers to create books, magazines and most printed publications.

This course is intended for InDesign users who want to be sure they are taking advantage of the latest and best features and working in the most efficient and smart way.

This is a hands-on practical course where attendees are led though exercises by experienced publishing software trainer Ken Jones.


Contents include: 

Advanced Text Styling

Style Sequences | Bullet and Numbered lists | Nested Styles | Paragraph shading and strokes | Achieving style consistency between documents and users | Using Find/Change options to apply formatting changes 


Document grids and baseline grids | Application preferences vs document preferences| Group layering and selection techniques | Hiding, locking and overriding objects | Creating or importing live complex shapes | Using Find/Change options to apply formatting changes 

Understanding GREP

GREP Styles | GREP Find/Change | Applying GREP styles to streamline your workflow | Using GREP styles to avoid runts 

Effective use of Object Styles

Picture Fitting | Using Object Styles to format text | Anchored Objects | Production settings| Applying multiple object styles 

Editorial controls in InDesign

Working with Notes | Track Changes | Using the Story Editor and Info panel | Pasting and placing text from Word and Excel

Working with Images

Overview of Colour Settings | Combining text and images for visual effect | Working with layer visibilities | Round tripping Illustrator and Photoshop images | Images in tables

Tips and scripts

Finding and loading scripts | Recommended InDesign Scripts | Setting up a cover: front, back, spine | Creating and sharing PDF presets | Libraries and Snippets

Production & Exporting

Live Preflighting | Saving and loading Preflight Profiles | Creating and sharing PDF presets| Exporting to EPUB


Additional Info

Please bring a PC or Mac laptop to join in the exercises (a PC can be provided by the venue for an extra fee but it is not able to provide Apple iMacs). Ahead of the course you will receive information about which software tools you need to download onto your laptop. 



The course is led by Ken Jones  a publishing software expert with over ten years' experience as Technical Production Manager, software trainer and developer at Penguin Group UK. He is the mastermind behind Circular Software, which offers workflow advice, software tools and training to improve how publishers produce their illustrated print and digital books.



The fee is £225+VAT /£210+VAT early booking (members); £295+VAT/£275+VAT early booking (non-members). Book by 24 August 2018 to get early booking rates. If you wish to use a PC provided by the Edinburgh Training Centre (ETC), this will cost an additional £15+VAT. Book now using the booking form.