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20 February 2017

Business Writing Skills

28 February 2017

Date :   Tuesday 28/2/2017
Time:    9.30am to 4.30pm
Venue:  Scott House, Edinburgh

About the course

Whether beginner or expert, concentrating on your writing skills can help to sharpen your focus, improve clarity and make your words more effective whenever you put pen to paper.  Learning new writing techniques can also make the process more efficient, helping you become more productive in both your writing and editing. 

Come on this course to

  • Get useful hints and tips for writing well in a style to suit your audience
  • Find out how to apply proven writing techniques to achieve the style you need for your writing
  • Learn to be clear, concise and accurate
  • Discover how to use words more effectively to market your organisation or sell a product
  • Develop key report writing skills
  • Understand more about style and tone
  • Improve your grammar
  • Become a better editor.
  • This course will have a strong marketing element, looking at the psychology of selling and how to use words to influence and persuade. The content will also cover effective report writing and use of Plain English to write in a clear direct style.


Practical writing exercises

No writing course would be complete without the opportunity for you to practise your developing skills. In the course of the day you will complete short editorial exercises and write a piece of content relating to your own work.

Content for the day will also include some of the core Plain English ideas, looking at how to use these in a creative and open way that will encourage writing that is dynamic, inspiring and motivating, rather than just plain! Learn to use short sentences, active voice and simple vocabulary. Find out more about strong verbs, inverted pyramid, first and second person, logical flow, headings and bullet points. 

Bring your own laptop

You are welcome to bring along your own laptop to use during exercises. There are also a number of PS computers for use but please let us know if you need one when you book. Alternatively you can also choose to complete exercises using pen and paper, if you prefer.

Benefits for your organisation

  • More effective marketing materials
  • Clearer, more accurate minutes, reports and emails
  • More efficient and effective writing time

Benefits for you

  • Learn how to make the most of your existing writing skills
  • Develop new skills and techniques
  • Become more productive and more persuasive in your writing.


Who should attend?

Anyone who writes or edits in a work setting, whether marketing materials, reports or correspondence.



Hilary Phillips is an experienced copywriter and digital writing tutor, who works with organisations and individuals to help them develop their writing skills.


Scott House, 10 South St Andrew Street, Edinburgh EH2 2AZ.



We are delighted to offer this course at a special rate: £150+VAT (members) and £200+VAT (non-members).

Book your place now by completing the booking form


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