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15 August 2018

Practical Steps to Predictable Colour

4 October 2018

Date :   Thursday 4 October 2018
Time:    9.30am to 4.30pm
Venue:  Edinburgh Training Centre, 16 St Mary's Street, Edinburgh EH1 1SU


Colour Management in Theory and Practice

Colour Management is an import aspect of illustrated publishing. Without the correct colour settings in place across the Adobe software tools and correct choices made when editing images in Photoshop, opening documents in InDesign and outputting to PDF, colours can be altered unexpectedly leaving us with undesirable and unnatural colours, images that are washed out / too dark images and colour inconsistencies.

This one-day course offers attendees a thorough understanding of colour management theory and how it can be put into practice. Demystifying this potentially complex subject and explaining all the jargon used along the way, this course outlines the steps required to put theory into practice in the real world of book production.


Colour Management explained

  • Colour perception and how it can be affected
  • Colour profiles - what they are and how they are made
  • Input profiles, working spaces and output intents.
  • FOGRA profiles and ISO12647 printing conditions
  • Soft and hard proofing recommendations
  • Colour gamuts and colour clipping
  • Moving between RGB > LAB > CMYK correctly
  • Sharing consistent swatches, profiles and settings between users and applications
  • The benefits of late CMYK conversion
  • Defining your end to end workflow and forming a colour management policy.


This course combines a presentation with practical hands-on exercises

  • Effective use of colour management in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Acrobat.
  • The meaning of different colour alerts and the best choices to make.
  • 'Normalizing' images from photoshoots and stock photo libraries
  • Adjusting images - tonal range, removing colour casts, sharpness
  • Viewing RGB images in CMYK colour space and adjusting for colour shifts.
  • Viewing the effects of special print finishes.
  • Exporting Print ready PDF to different profiles for different paper types.
  • Working with commercial printers and tools for measuring colour bars.


Additional Info

Please bring a PC or Mac laptop to join in the exercises in the afternoon (a PC can be provided by the venue for an extra fee but it is not able to provide Apple iMacs). Ahead of the course you will receive information about which software tools you need to download onto your laptop. 



The course is led by experienced publishing software trainer Ken Jones. Ken introduced colour management checking and reduced the need for hard copy proofing whilst working as the Technical Production Manager at Penguin Group and Dorling Kindersley.



The fee is £225+VAT /£210+VAT early booking (members); £295+VAT/£275+VAT early booking (non-members). Book by 24 August 2018 to get early booking rates. If you wish to use a PC provided by the Edinburgh Training Centre (ETC), this will cost an additional £15+VAT. Book now using the booking form.