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23 March 2017

Time Management

Date :   tbc
Time:    9.30am to 4.30pm
Venue:  BookSource, Cambuslang


If you are a Publishing Scotland member and interested in attending this course, please contact Joan Lyle: Please note it will take place at BookSource's premises in Cambuslang.


Course Aims

To raise awareness of where our time goes and to provide the skills necessary to manage time more effectively. This course provides an understanding of the link between behaviour and poor time management, and also provides the skills necessary to delegate effectively and be more assertive towards those who constantly demand our time.


By the end of the session, attendees will:

  • Understand the way we think about time and how it affects the way we manage ourselves
  • Know how to jumpstart procrastination and become more self-motivated to do tasks
  • Describe a range of techniques associated with managing ourselves around time and when each should be used
  • Be able to identify personal time wasters and how to remove them from their everyday work
  • Be able to prioritise tasks and workload to ensure they are working on the right things
  • Be confident in managing other people expectations and saying no when required
  • Describe a range of tools and models that will support the way we plan our days and how these can be used to influence others.


Time Management Training Course Content

Tools and techniques to manage time more effectively | Changing the way you think about time | Other people's behaviour and how this affects the time you have | How to say no | Delegation and assertiveness - an introduction


Time Management Training Course Benefits

Being able to manage your time effectively reduces stress and allows us to focus more on the things that are important to us. We're constantly under pressure to deliver more for less, and the ability to prioritise is becoming increasingly important in everyday life. This course will provide a range of techniques that when applied, will reduce stress, increase confidence and allow you to deliver to schedule.


Who should Attend This Time Management Training Course?

People at any level who need to improve their time management approach, or those who are looking for some fresh ideas on how to prioritise  work and tasks.


Time Management Training Course - Session Breakdown

Why Manage Time | What is Time Management and the benefits of being able to manage time more effectively | How good are you at managing your time now?


Where does time go?

Understand what and who takes up your time | Identifying time wasters and how to eliminate them


Change the way we think

Understanding how our own beliefs and behaviours impact on our ability to manage time | Taking a different view of the tasks that we dislike like doing to ensure they do get done



What is procrastination and why do we do it? | What can we do to jump start procrastination


Dealing with Over Commitment

Planning more effectively to make more time available | Having the confidence to say no | How being more assertive will help



Identifying which tasks you should be working on | Using techniques to prioritise tasks | Managing others expectations



This course is being run for Publishing Scotland by Revolution.


BookSource, Cambuslang.


£200+VAT/£175+VAT early booking (members).