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22 February 2018

Welcome to Copy-editing - November

8 November 2018

Date :   Thursday 8/11/18
Time:    9.30am to 4.30pm
Venue:  Scott House, Edinburgh


About the course

The copy-editor is the vital intermediary between author, publisher, typesetter and the final reader, and will ensure that written material is clear, accurate and, above all, correct; that everything is there, and in the right place; that no part of the text contradicts another part; that nothing in the text will create legal problems; and that the copy is thoroughly prepared for trouble-free typesetting. Good copy-editing is invisible - the reader is free to concentrate on the content of the material without being distracted by errors of fact, ambiguities, grammatical slips that obscure the meaning, or howlers of phrasing.


Discussion includes:

  • Who's who in the typical publishing process
  • The role of the copy-editor
  • Who does the copy-editor work for?
  • Types of copy, types of copy-editing
  • Legal issues: defamation and copyright


Exercises deal with: 

  • Mark-up and coding
  • Style guides and style sheets
  • Illustrations: identifying and labelling; positioning in the text; captions and credits
  • Legal issues: libel (defamation) and copyright
  • Preparing the accompanying documentation
  • Improving poor writing


Who should attend?

This course is designed primarily for people in the publishing industry, but is also suitable for anyone who has responsibility for the presentation of written material. It assumes a basic knowledge of the BSI 2005 symbols for proofreading and editorial mark-up; some proofreading experience is desirable.



Margaret Aherne is a highly experienced editor, proofreader and project manager. Margaret is also author of a book of proofreading exercises.



£200+VAT/£175+VAT early booking (members); £280+VAT/£260+VAT early booking (non-members). Registered charities get an additional £20 discount. For early booking, book by 27 SEPTEMBER 2018. Book online now.


Other courses

This course also runs on 1 March. You may also be interested in Welcome to Proofreading (28 February, 6 June and 7 November 2018) and Further Copy-editing and Proofreading (7 June 2018).