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23 June 2018

Martin Redfern

About Martin

Martin Redfern is a consultant with extensive experience in the publishing industry. 

He has worked in small, medium sized and multinational operations and in academic, educational, professional and general non-fiction publishing.  Martin has held a variety of senior positions including Marketing Director of Prentice Hall Europe and Editorial & Production Director of Sweet & Maxwell, as well as co-owning Chancery Law Publishing, prior to selling the business to Wiley Blackwell.

In Scotland, he has acted as Managing Director of W Green and Publishing Director and General Manager at Leckie & Leckie. Martin is now a consultant providing advice to publishing clients from a variety of different sectors.  Additionally, Martin has wide ranging experience of training and teaching publishing skills.  He has presented courses for Publishing Scotland and has regularly taught on post graduate publishing courses at University of Stirling and University College, London.

Martin delivered the Business Plans session on the Accelerate Programme in 2017.