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19 April 2019

Dunedin Academic Press Ltd


Dunedin Academic Press Ltd

Dunedin, Edinburgh-based, is an independent academic publishing house. Some of its titles are intended for a wider adult non-specialist audience seeking well-illustrated scientifically sound expositions of subjects of more general interest; particularly topics in earth and environmental science and relating to Scottish landforms. All Dunedin's more general books are written by experts and published with the same care as Dunedin's core academic list for undergraduates.

Dunedin's list contains authors and subjects from across the international academic world and Dunedin's horizons are far broader than its immediate Scottish environment. One strength of the company is that Dunedin provides its authors with the individual support and attention that comes naturally from a small independent publisher committed to growth. Dunedin has a strong representation and distribution network across the world but particularly in North America.

Dunedin welcomes approaches from new academic authors particularly in the fields of earth science and the health and social sciences (particularly child protection issues). Our proposal guidelines can be found on our website.

Established: 2000
Publications (yearly average): 15
Types of books published: Earth science, emergency planning, health and social care, child protection.
Submission details: See proposal guidelines on our website



People: Anthony Kinahan (Director), Norman Steven (Finance Director)
Address: Hudson House, 8 Albany Street, Edinburgh EH1 3QB
Tel: 0131 473 2397

Distributor: Turpin Distribution, Pegasus Drive, Stratton Business Park, Biggleswade, SG18 8TQ; Tel: 01767 604 951; Fax: 01767 601 640.