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23 October 2018

Witherby Publishing Group


Witherby Publishing Group was established in 2008, initially as Witherby Seamanship Limited, through a merger between Witherbys Publishing and Seamanship International Ltd. The Witherby business dates back to 1740 when Thomas Witherby opened a stationery shop in Birchin Lane, London, next to the Sword Blade Coffee house, providing stationery and printing for the newly founded commercial marine insurance market.


More recently the company has expanded its range of publications into non-marine areas of insurance and has increased its marine portfolio through a new focus on Shipping Business. This has created a need to form three separate trading divisions: Witherby Seamanship International, Witherby Insurance & Legal and Witherby Shipping Business, all contained within the umbrella of the Witherby Publishing Group.


Established: 2008

Types of books published: Specialist publisher of marine training, reference and regulatory materials, providing books and publications to the shipping, shipping business and general insurance and legal industries

Submission details: Send a synopsis of a sample chapter, a CV and supporting information. Please send submissions by email or by post - contact details below.



People: People: Iain Macneil (CEO); Kat Heathcote (COO); Fiona Dalziel (Executive Assistant); Gillian Macrosson (Publishing Manager); Clare Barron (Head of Marketing); Alex Finlay (Sales Team Leader)

Email contact: firstname.second

Address: 4 Dunlop Square, Livingston EH54 8SB
Tel: 01506 463 227
Fax: 01506 468 999
Twitter: @Witherbys

Distributor:  Witherby Publishing Group, 4 Dunlop Square, Livingston, EH54 8SB