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20 April 2018

What our members say

about advice and support

"Every member of the team at Publishing Scotland works hard for the members, whether advocating for us collectively or encouraging and supporting us with our individual queries and projects. … Most of all, though, it's nice to know that everyone at PS is committed to the members and really cares about us and what we do."
Sara Hunt, Saraband (publisher)

about visibility and business opportunities

"Publishing Scotland helps us to increase our visibility in Scotland and beyond, allows us to feel  part of the publishing community, and increases our networking and business opportunities."
Catriona Vernal, Prepress Projects (network)

about attending book fairs

"Floris attends London Book Fair and Frankfurt Book Fair as part of the collective Publishing Scotland stand. We get the benefit of a 'larger' presence than we could manage on our own, as well as fantastic administrative and logistical support from Publishing Scotland staff. The stand is always staffed and welcoming, even when we're away at other meetings. PS helps to showcase key titles with eyecatching displays and effective rights materials"
Katy Lockwood-Holmes, Floris Books (publisher)

about networking

"The benefits of being a network member of Publishing Scotland are manifold for us at the Stirling Centre for International Publishing and Communication. It enables our staff to update their knowledge and contacts within the publishing industry, through attendance at Publishing Scotland events, and via the networks it creates."
Professor Claire Squires, Director, Stirling Centre for International Publishing and Communication (network)

about training

'I have attended the Welcome to Proofreading, Welcome to Copy-editing and Developing an Ebook Strategy courses and found them all to be excellent. The tuition was first-class and I came away from each course with a solid knowledge base and improved confidence in each of these areas. Publishing Scotland is also open to suggestions for new courses and will try and accommodate any ideas put forward. It's great to be part of an organisation which keeps you up-to-date with new developments in the industry.'
Shelley Teasdale, Whittles Publishing (publisher)