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Bookseller article: Indie fears intensify as print prices rocket by up to 40%

A number of Publishing Scotland’s member publishers were featured in an article in The Bookseller industry magazine regarding the increase of print prices, and subsequent impacts on publishers and the industry at large.

“Obviously, for small independents, a 40% increase in printing cost can be the difference between profit and significant loss. After printing and distribution costs, sales commission, and author royalties are deducted, what is left for publishers needs to be enough to sustain them and this printing cost increase could completely upend that precarious balance and throw a number of publishers into loss or eventually closure,” said Laura Jones of 404 Ink.

“For those publishers who print in relatively small numbers the pincer grip of increasingly high production costs and, more or less static, low r.r.p. is ever increasingly tighter,” noted Robert Davidson of Sandstone Press. “I feel this cannot go on for much longer without a general increase in price to the customer. Small independent publishers do not make the weather, we have to adapt to it. It would be nice to see this nettle grasped by those who do.”

The piece also included insight from members Charco Press and Saraband, alongside industry figures across the UK. Read the full article at