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Scottish publishers shortlisted for British Book Awards Small Press of the Year

Eight Publishing Scotland members are shortlisted for British Book Awards Small Press of the Year 2022.

The British Book Awards have announced their shortlists for the Small Press of the Year award, covering the various regions of the UK. The British Book Awards Small Press of the Year, sponsored by CPI Group, celebrates the innovative and nimble publishers making names for themselves outside the mainstream. In total there are 50 small presses listed across eight different regions and countries.

Publishing Scotland members shortlisted are:

Philip Jones, editor of The Bookseller and chair of the judges for the British Book Awards, says: “Overall, 2021 has proved to be gnarly year for the UK and Ireland’s Small Presses; following an adrenaline fuelled 2020, many publishers faced issues around Brexit, a fickle supply chain, and the ongoing disruption to high street bookshops due to the pandemic, culminating in a choppy but ultimately champion year for many with a number of important books breaking through. This was Small Press publishing at its best, smart and nimble, with amazing attention to detail, and always with an emphasis on the reader at the heart of it all.”

For the full list of all the regional and country finalists, see The Bookseller website.

The regional winners will be announced on 17 March 2022.