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Delivering Economic Recovery published

The Scottish Government has published a new National Strategy for Economic Transformation, underpinned by detailed analysis of Scotland’s economic strengths and weaknesses.

The strategy contains over 70 actions across five key priority programmes that have been identified as having the greatest potential to deliver economic growth that significantly outperforms the last decade within the current constitutional arrangements.

Investment will be prioritised in:

  • entrepreneurialism
  • skills and retraining
  • development of new markets and opportunities, particularly in the Just Transition to net zero.

Economy Secretary Kate Forbes says it provides renewed clarity on Scotland’s economic vision and a relentless focus on delivery in order to improve economic productivity, accelerate growth and ensure work provides a genuine route out of poverty through better quality jobs and higher wages.

The strategy is available on the Scottish Government website: see Delivering Economic Recovery – Scotland’s National Strategy for Economic Transformation.

See also the Scottish Government’s press release of 1 March 2022.

Creative Industries

There is an accompanying document (Scotland’s National Strategy for Economic Transformation: Evidence from Industry Leadership Groups and Sector Groups). You can read the relevant creative industries pages in this PDF excerpt (pages 9 to 11).