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Scots Language Publication Grant Awardees 2022

Scottish Book Trust has announced the new titles to be supported by the Scots Language Publication Grant. The Scots Language Publication Grant provides assistance for publishing new work (including translated texts), reprinting existing historical or culturally significant work, and also effective marketing and promotion of existing and new work.

The 2022 awardees are:

Animal Fairm by George Orwell, edited by Thomas Clark (Luath Press)

Birds and Beasties: Scots Poems for Bairns (working title) by J.K. Annand, edited by Matthew Fitt and James Robertson (Itchy Coo / Black & White Publishing Ltd)

Cedric the Flapper Skate by Jackie Ross (Doric Books CIC)

Da Hametrowe Almanac Vol. 1: Voar by Roseanne Watt and Marjolein Robertson (Gaada)

Liberties by Peter Bennett (Rymour Books)

Mum and William Wordsworth by Julie Kennedy (Julie Kennedy)

Sangs That Sing Sae Sweit – 50 Years o Lallans Poetry, edited by William Hershaw, Elaine Morton and Derrick McClure (The Scots Language Society)

The Ballads and Songs of Carrick by Rev. Roderick Lawson (1831–1907), edited by Neil McDermott (Girvan Traditional Folk Festival)

The King o’ the Cats by Paul Tonner, translated by Dr Michael Dempster (Paul Tonner)

For more information about the 2022 awards, see the Scottish Book Trust website. See also the Scottish Book Trust press release (20 June 2022).