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Donate to gift books to children without books of their own

Scottish Book Trust has launched its campaign seeking donations so it can gift books through food banks this Christmas.

A message from Marc Lambert of Scottish Book Trust

Iona has never spent Christmas with Mog. Like Iona, many children are growing up without books of their own. As the cost-of-living crisis escalates, more children and families will be going without, and they need our support.

Donate today to give books through food banks

We’re fundraising to ensure everyone in Scotland has access to books and the many benefits reading brings. We will use the money raised to give books to families visiting food banks this Christmas and support our year-round work with children, families and adults in Scotland.

Books bring families together, comfort children and help them do well in school. They unlock creativity, increase employability, improve mental health and support wellbeing. Without books, families are missing out.

You understand the huge difference having access to books makes to children every day. Will you donate today and give the life-changing magic of books to a child like Iona?

Thank you,

Marc Lambert

CEO, Scottish Book Trust