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Scottish Budget 2023–24

The Scottish Budget announced on 15 December 2022 sets out the Scottish Government’s proposed spending and tax plans for 2023 to 2024, as presented to the Scottish Parliament. For the Scottish Budget 2023–24, see the Scottish Government website.

Following the Scottish Government’s budget announcement of 15 December 2022, Creative Scotland has been informed that the proposed Creative Scotland Grant in Aid budget for 2023–24 will decrease by around £7m, from £63m in 2022–23, a reduction of more than 10%.

In its Budget Response, Creative Scotland has stated that the reduction in Grant in Aid impacts most significantly on its ability to maintain funding at standstill levels for the portfolio of 120 Regularly Funded Organisations. The Creative Scotland Board met on 19 December to discuss the draft budget and the organisation’s options. It agreed to use a proportion of its National Lottery reserves to maintain funding for Regularly Funded Organisations (RFOs) at 2022/23 levels (see Statement following meeting of the Creative Scotland Board, 19 December 2022).

For a general overview of the budget, see A first glance Scottish Budget 23–24 by the Fraser of Allander Institute.

Culture Counts first response is that the budget holds only concerning news for the Scottish Culture Sector. See its Initial Statement on the Scottish Government’s 23–24 Budget.

NOTE; This article was updated on 20 December to report the RFO funding decision of the Creative Scotland Board.