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IPA president stresses need for more and coherent publishing industry data

Delivering the opening address at the Digital Book World conference in New York on 16 January 2023, Karine Pansa, president of the International Publishers Association (IPA), stressed the need for the international publishing industry to generate and analyse more and coherent data. While recognising the challenges and work to be done, she remained optimistic ‘that the complexities of data collection, analysis, and comparison can be addressed to produce actionable results capable of generating more unity and progress throughout the international field’. See Porter Anderson’s report IPA’s Karine Pansa at DBW: ‘A Big Wake-Up Call’ Publishing Perspectives 17 January 2023.

See also Porter Anderson’s Interview With Brazil’s Karine Pansa: IPA’s New President in Publishing Perspectives 6 January 2023. In that interview the new president said that of course the industry cannot survive without the two major pillars of copyright and the freedom to publish, but to support those objectives, you need to understand the market better. While data is the way of doing this, there must be coordinated collection and categorisation of data for market-to-market coherence.

Data also featured strongly in the House of Lords Communications and Digital Committee second report on the UK creative industries published on 17 January 2023 ­– At risk – our creative future. It said that future priorities—from further education course content through to lifelong learning entitlements and careers guidance—need to be informed by up-to-date market data and long-term forecasts of skills shortages. The new Unit for Future Skills should play a central role in providing this information.

For the report and other relevant materials, see the UK Parliament website. For publishing industry comment on the report, see House of Lords report slams government’s ‘complacent’ and ‘incoherent’ approach to creative industries by Lauren Brown in The Bookseller 17 January 2023.