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We are often contacted by writers who ask for information on funding for their writing, feedback on their writing or how to get their books published by a publisher. We’ve set out some advice here. For setting up on your own as a publisher, see Starting Up As A Publisher.

Inclusivity in publishing 

There’s been a lot of research and talking about how to make publishing more inclusive. Action is now taking place too. Find out more.

General advice for writers

There are lots of organisations and groups that support and encourage writers. Find out more.


Find out about some sources of funding and opportunities for writers.

Assessment of your writing

If you would like an objective appraisal of your writing before you send it to a publisher, there are several options to consider: mainly writing groups, courses and critical feedback. Find out more.

Submitting work to publishers

General advice about submitting work to publishers which should help you to go about it in the best possible way. Find out more.

Self publishing

Another option for getting published is self-publishing. Find out more here.

Meeting up with other writers

Writing can be a solitary occupation, but you can meet up with other writers (and other book industry people) at one of Scotland’s literary salons. Details of the next salons are on their websites.