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Assessment of your writing

If you would like an objective appraisal of your writing before you send it to a publisher, there are several options to consider: mainly writing groups, courses and critical feedback.

Creative writing courses

There is a wealth of creative writing courses from universities as well as other organisations including the Faber Academy and the Guardian newspaper’s masterclasses. . They will vary in time and cost with some university or other high-level courses being very expensive. There are also free and low-cost creative writing courses available from universities online eg through Coursera, Future Learn, Open Learn and others.

Writing groups

Some writers join writing groups where they benefit from the support and feedback from a tutor and their fellow writers Good sources for finding a local group or events are: your local library, the Scottish Poetry Library (particularly for poets), and local authority and other evening classes programmes.

Critical feedback and individual tutoring

Literary consultants offer a range of services from feedback to full publishing services.

If you decide to use paid services, check the credentials of the provider and what other users have said (eg on writers’ forums).