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13 July 2020

Books supported by the Translation Fund

Above are some examples of books by Scottish writers that have been translated into other languages with the support of the Translation Fund.

The Publishing Scotland Translation Fund is designed to encourage international publishers to translate works by Scottish writers. For more information about applying, see the Application page.

The publishers and books awarded grants in round 2 of 2019/20 are listed below.

ROUND TWO OF 2019/20

Twelve international publishers have received funding (a total of over £15K) for works to be published in Czech, Dutch, German, Georgian, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and Ukrainian. The awards went to:

  • Argument Verlag mit Ariadne (Germany) for German edition of Gods and Beasts by Denise Mina (Orion, 2013)
  • Bokförlaget Atlas (Sweden) for Swedish edition of Spring by Ali Smith (Hamish Hamilton, 2019)
  • Dybbuk Publishing house (Czech Republic) for the Czech edition of Confessions of a Bookseller by Shaun Bythell (Profile Books, 2019)
  • Ediciones Godot + Feria de Editores (Argentina) for the Spanish edition of Incandescent by Sarah Levin (Saraband, 2019)
  • Editora Morro Branco (Brazil) for the Portuguese edition of The Player of Games by Iain Banks (Orbit, 1989)
  • Edizioni Ensemble (Italy) for the Italian edition of Quines by Gerda Stevenson (Luath Press, 2018)
  • Edizioni SUR (Italy) for the Italian edition of Spring by Ali Smith (Hamish Hamilton, 2019)
  • LLC Vydavnytstvo "Navchalna Knyha - Bohdan" (Ukraine) for the Ukrainian edition of Mayhem & Death by Helen McClory (404 Ink, 2018)
  • New Human (Turkey) for the Turkish edition of Barnhill by Norman Bissell (Luath Press, 2019)
  • Singel Uitgeverijen (The Netherlands) for the Dutch edition of Hamnet by Maggie O'Farrell (Tinder Press, 2020)
  • Sulakauri Publishing (Georgia) for the Georgian edition of Autumn by Ali Smith (Hamish Hamilton, 2017)
  • Vakxikon Media & Publishing Group (Greece) for the Greek edition of an Anthology of young Scottish poets.


For a list of all the books awarded funding since 2015, see the PDF list 2015 to 2020.