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What is BookSource?

BookSource is one of the UK’s fastest-growing distributors of books and other printed material. It provides a comprehensive service for over 90 client publishers, from warehousing and distribution services to tele-ordering and electronic data interchange (EDI).

The company was founded in 1995 by Publishing Scotland (then the Scottish Publishers Association) to provide distribution services to a number of Scottish publishers and since that time it has grown to provide services to companies all across the UK (see the BookSource website for its list of clients).

The BookSource team is made up of dedicated, friendly professionals, with a wide range of experience and knowledge of the publishing and distribution industries. The company also has state of the art technology called Bookmaster, to track orders and respond to sudden surges in demand. Bookmaster gives client publishers better quality information in a timelier and less costly fashion. BookSource is proud of the positive environmental impact of Bookmaster which has dramatically reduced the amount of paper they use.

With over 4,000 UK account holders, and over 1,000 overseas account holders, the company already enjoys strong, well-developed relationships with key bookselling chains, individual stores, internet retailers, supermarket chains and a vast number of other customers.

Together, the experience of the BookSource team, the flexible InfoSource system and the committed approach combine to give BookSource clients a competitive edge whatever their size or location.


BookSource book distribution provides:

  • complete warehousing and distribution service
  • invoice and credit management  
  • tailored client contracts  
  • on-line reports facility  
  • e-source web ordering 
  • tele-ordering and EDI 
  • direct mail management 
  • Amazon administration: Dealing with Amazon can be a daunting and time consuming activity. You’re on firm enough ground with the bibliographic data but Booksource appreciate that downloading orders, checking and sending cancellations and authorising returns can be a big job. The customer service team has experience of managing orders and cancellations through Amazon accounts so they are happy to offer this service.

Resource efficiency

The team at BookSource was keen to look at how the company could reduce its environmental impact and cut costs by becoming more resource efficient. 

With help from Resource Efficient Scotland advisers and the Scottish Government’s unsecured and interest-free SME loan, BookSource capitalised on the latest lighting technology to substantially reduce its annual energy bill and carbon footprint.

You can read the full story and watch a video (featuring BookSource MD Davinder Bedi) on the Zero Waste Scotland website.


The majority of the company is owned by parent charity, Publishing Scotland, (90%) with the remainder of the shares being held by five client publishers. Our ownership ensures that our number one priority is service rather than shareholder return.

BookSource Board

The company is managed by a Board that comprises publishing professionals with a range of expertise


50 Cambuslang Road
Glasgow G32 8NB
Tel: 0845 370 0063
Fax: 0845 370 0064

Email: For general enquiries, please contact Louise Morris: