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Open Book Session: Bookspeed

The non-traditional book market is becoming increasingly important for publishers as more retail outlets curate book offers for their customers. Bookspeed is one of the leading wholesalers for the non-traditional book market.


Publishing Scotland will host Jonny Gallant, Publisher Relations Director of Bookspeed, for a hybrid Open Book session on Thursday 29 September at 11.30am at the Publishing Scotland office and online to tell us more about the trends in the non-traditional market as well as sharing tips on the best way to work with Bookspeed.


To book your place, contact Vikki Reilly.

Open Book session – Gardners and Brexit

Publishing Scotland event blue

This Open Book session for Publishing Scotland members will be held on Zoom on Wednesday 23 February at 11.30am.

Brexit continues to prove a challenge to publishers across the UK and book suppliers continue to adapt to the changing laws.

Gardners have now opened up a warehouse in France to combat Brexit issues and Nigel Wyman, Gardners’ Sales and Marketing Director, will be telling us about the warehouse and how Gardners plan to work with publishers to ensure they can keep trading with Europe.

If you would like to attend this Open Book session, please get in touch with