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27 January 2021

Scottish PEN round-table on defamation

27 February 2020

Date and time: 27 February 2020 at 4pm
Location: Scott House, 10 South St Andrew Street, Edinburgh EH2 2AZ

Publishers are invited to this roundtable event to learn more about defamation reform, explore what can be brought forward to protect publishers, their writers and readers, explore Scottish PEN's campaign and encourage involvement in the call for evidence from the Justice Committee.

If you are interested in participating, email Jess Walter as soon as possible.

Over the last four years, Scottish PEN has been campaigning to reform defamation law in Scotland. As it stands there can be abuse of the law to stifle public debate and restrict the publishing of public interest reporting in books, magazines, journals, newspapers, academic reports and online reporting. Without reform, this law will continue to restrict free expression and place significant burdens on publishers across Scotland.

Last year, a draft reform bill was introduced to Parliament which is a vast improvement on the existing law, but we believe it can be further improved to protect free expression for everyone in Scotland. Earlier this month, the Justice Committee announced a call for evidence to hear from different stakeholders to help shape reform and we are keen to ensure that publishers can have their voices heard in this process.