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Publisher spotlight: Jasami Publishing Ltd

Across 2022, the Year of Stories, we are spotlighting Publishing Scotland members, who will share their own story in their own words. Get to know Jasami Publishing Ltd, who publish across a range of genres including children’s, crime, fantasy, poetry, historical fiction and more.

What’s your story?

Jasami Publishing Ltd was established four years ago to assist talented new writers to become published authors.  Jasami began with two writers, two titles and an editor. The challenges that face a new company during ‘normal’ economic times can be daunting, however, growing a company during these unique and unprecedented times is even more challenging. Our success: we now have twelve authors. We also host a weekly podcast on all things book related – so it is not just about Jasami we cover a myriad of topics to keep the podcast fresh and interesting, and as t runs only about twenty to thirty minutes it is a quick and easy listening.

We utilise the advantages in our publishing company to create opportunities. For example we offer an Internship Programme which has created a strong relationship with Napier University (among others).  This offers work experience in editing, marketing programmes in social media, and other creative outlets. With our Commitment to Community ethos we also work with several charities to raise money to assist with community needs. Our charity alliances include Arkbound, Crowdbound, MacMillan Cancer Support, Kalumbila Animal Rescue, and the Royal Marines Charity. Expansion and growth are possible with a dedicated team, working together and following the principle from the adage “A problem is merely an opportunity in disguise.” Jasami is fortunate enough to have these key essentials, and although the path may be challenging the triumph is in the success of the journey itself.

Since we focus on emerging talents our genres include: children’s picture books, children’s books, mysteries, crime, fantasy, horror, poetry, photography, and a historical novel.

Tell us about some of your key stories. 

A few key publications:

  • Furze Sweethearts and Swan Songs is based upon the hand-written diary Keith Furze kept during World War One. It covers a six-month period during the war and is the poignant story of a young Officer facing the catastrophic events on the Western Front, the tragic deaths of friends, fellow officers, and soldiers. What makes this narrative distinctive, is the personal insight into those experiences and the pure emotions of this young British Officer. The juxtaposition is the sweetness and innocence of his feelings for his first love. It is those feelings and his personal beliefs which sustain his fortitude to inspire courage. This deeply emotional chronicle will touch every reader and remain an enduring legacy.
  • Bernie the Bear You Can’t Go There and Bernie the Bear You Can Go There is an exciting children’s flip picture book with a gentle environmental story from both points of view. The flip side of a tale about a mischievous bear. The misadventures of a small bear who finds himself in an urban setting and his natural instincts lead to havoc. Whereas, his instincts in his natural home lead to wonderful adventures where everything is familiar to him. Both stories come together in the middle!
  • The Hell Series. First is Hell’s Daughter: Enzo, a hybrid, begrudgingly helps his young mentee teach a recently turned werewolf how to control her newly acquired powers. Abby, a teenage girl, plans to take advantage of her parents’ absence, unlike her twin who just wants to have a normal life and stay out of trouble. Dragged into a world they didn’t even know existed, they quickly learn that demons and death go hand in hand.

    Second is Hell’s Key, which is the thrilling sequel to the Hell’s Daughter novel. Twin sisters, a werewolf, a vampire, a mythical hybrid, The Queen of Hell, and Lucifer who still wants to take over the world. What could possibly go wrong? Follow the compelling story of how they try to save the world – and themselves – the question is — who will be the first to die?

What draws you to a story? What makes a good story? 

The elemental part of a good story is that the reader wants to keep turning the page to find out – what happens next? When I receive a submission I am reading the story and hoping for the same feeling – I want to find out what happens next. The editing process will refine the work for release to the reading population.

What stories should we look forward to or check out this year?

I am so excited about our final release this year on Friday 25th of November which is My Last Will and Cookbook. Chef Ruth Denzey is leaving her legacy of creating wonderful culinary delights in a two volume set – Autumn/Winter recipes and Spring/Summer recipes and raising money to benefit MacMillan Cancer Support.

As well as our new releases for next year:

  • Lachie and His Wonderful Airship.
  • Hell’s Sacrifice – the prequel to The Hell Series begins with Alex’s story. A must read in the continuing saga of Hell.
  • Call of the Void – A mercenary, a lost child, an old love, and a scientist. Mix them up, add the infinity of space and you will be drawn and called into the void.
  • Bluebell’s Activity Book – All of Jasami’s best loved children’s book characters in a fun activity book for children from 6 to 8 years old.

   The future of Jasami is like any good mystery you will just have to keep turning the page to see what is next in our story.

Learn more about Jasami Publishing Ltd at @jasami_publish and