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Shaping Scotland’s Stories

What makes a story? There are many answers, but as we turn to the Year of Stories, we’re looking to instead answer: how do you make a story? Enter: Shaping Scotland’s Stories.

The Year of Stories will spotlight countless fantastic authors, people, books and tales from history to the present day, and as the membership body for Scotland’s publishers, we wanted to focus our spotlight firmly on the publishers, shaping our output for this year to bring the publishing industry’s behind-the-scenes work out front and centre.

In our events, we are partnering with many festivals and organisations to focus on the story behind the story, diving into the process, the nitty gritty details of how an idea flourishes through the process, or how specific genres or formats offer something different.

We are pairing authors with their editors to dive into editorial relationship, poets to discuss the craft, and more to be revealed, each aiming to offer a glimpse into processes often hidden between a book announcement and book release. The publishing industry is an exciting, thriving cornerstone of culture, and Shaping Scotland’s Stories will put the work our publishers do centre-stage alongside the brilliant authors whose stories they are releasing into the world.

So, how do you make a story? Join us at our events to learn more, and discover many fantastic authors in the process.

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