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Year of Stories: Themes by month

For the Year of Stories have five key themes, and Publishing Scotland have mapped out a complementary month-by-month series of themes that we will shape much of our 2022 output around. There will be bonus content throughout the year for celebratory dates or occasions alongside out main guiding themes, however to get a sense of the year to come, you can view the themes in more detail below, both for Publishing Scotland’s Year of Stories and Books from Scotland issues.

January: Afresh

‘Afresh’ considers new beginnings for a new year. We look to debuts, to authors pivoting and trying something different, celebrating work that has not been done before, as well as new books to look forward to.

Books from Scotland theme: Departure Lounge

February: Knowledge

‘Knowledge’ is for the curious mind. Whether that’s alternative history, fun facts, diving headfirst into non-fiction or learning, those who created or experimented, it’s a month to expand our thinking across a variety of topics.

Books from Scotland theme: Did You Know…

March: Boldness

‘Boldness’ is for new approaches, those boldly going where those before had yet to, pioneering or trying something new. Those fearless in their publishing output, writers playful with form, and beyond.

Books from Scotland theme: Bold and the Brave

April: Inspiring Tales

‘Inspiring Tales’ takes us into a world of wonder and fantasy, where you turn the page and think ‘wow’. Whether it’s children’s books that take us to new worlds, or stories that motivate or inspire, there’ll be plenty of tales on hand.

Books from Scotland theme: Enchant & Inspire

May: The Great Outdoors

‘The Great Outdoors’ takes a step out the front door into nature. We head outside, travel to new lands, explore nature and prepare for the adventure that awaits, in all its many forms.

Books from Scotland theme: The Beauty That Surrounds Us

June: Sanctuary

‘Sanctuary’ celebrates those in Scotland, whether passing through or who call it their home, no matter where in the world they began. Stories both tied to these shores and connected elsewhere, welcoming tales, inviting people in.

Books from Scotland theme: Home from Home

July: Beyond Words

‘Beyond words’ pushes beyond the written word into a world of all senses – cooking and recipes, music and dance, tourism, walking and exploring. It’s a feast for the senses and how stories manifest beyond pen and paper, or indeed screen.

Books from Scotland theme: All the Senses

August: Storytelling

‘Storytelling’ is an encapsulation of the Year of Stories as a whole, putting storytellers, authors, and history at the heart, whether veterans or debuts, long-standing companies or brilliant upstarts.

Books from Scotland theme: Festival fever

September: Refresh

‘Refresh’ is a moment to find comfort, to reflect on books that have already been released. A changing point, the end of summer turning to Autumn and looking to the end of the year, we slow down and pause.

Books from Scotland theme: Pause

October: Language

‘Language’ is a celebration of dialect and translation, whether it’s work in Scots and Gaelic, or stories from across the world translated here, or Scottish stories making their way across the world.

Books from Scotland theme: Beyond Borders

November: Celebration

‘Celebration’ looks to the end of the year, running over St Andrews day, in a celebration of Scotland in all of its forms. We celebrate everything that makes Scottish stories what they are.

Books from Scotland theme: Fireworks

December: Reflect

‘Reflect’ will look back on the Year of Stories as we reach its end – we’ll look to books of the year, picks perfect for gifting, and what we can take forward from this year-round celebration.

Books from Scotland theme: A Cup o’ Kindness

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