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05 December 2021

Save Our Books Campaign

8 June 2021


Imagine a world with fewer books

by fewer authors

for fewer readers


That could happen if the UK government changes how copyright works.

Save Our Books is a campaign by UK authors, literary agents, publishers and other supportive partners to stop the UK Government making the wrong decision on copyright. See the Save Our Books website to learn how you can support us and prevent irreparable damage to one of the UK's biggest and well-loved creative industries.

From Harry Potter to Beatrix Potter, from Agatha Christie to Arthur Conan Doyle: the UK is home to internationally acclaimed writing and publishing. Weakening copyright could put a stop to all of that.

What can you do?

Write to your MP   

Join the campaign #SaveOurBooks 

See also the The Bookseller article of 7 June: Trade campaign warns of 'potentially devastating' change to UK copyright laws.


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