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24 January 2022

Scots Language Publication Grant Awardees 2021

3 August 2021

Scottish Book Trust has announced ten new titles to be supported by the Scots Language Publication Grant.

Funded by the Scottish Government and administered by Scottish Book Trust, the Scots Language Publication Grant was created by the Scots Language Resource Network to support Scottish publishers to publish and promote work written in Scots. The grant is designed to cover publishing costs such as editing, advances, illustrations and cover design, typesetting, printing and marketing.

The successful titles are:

  • A Series o Scunnersome Events, Book the First: The Boggin Beginnin by Thomas Clark, illustrated by Brett Helquist - Itchy Coo
  • A Working Class State of Mind by Colin Burnett - Leamington Books
  • Berries Fae Banes by Jim Macintosh - Tippermuir
  • Wheesht by Susi Briggs and Wiliam Gorman - Foggie Toddle Books
  • Hard Roads an Cauld Hairst Winds: Li Bai an Du Fu in Scots by Brian Holton - Taproot Press
  • Laird Graham an the Kelpie by Jax McGhee - Giglets Education
  • Norlan Lichts by Sheena Blackhall, Sheila Templeton and Lesley Benzie - Rymour Books
  • Phantom the Ginger Mog by Kirsty Johnson and illustrated by Mandy Sinclair - Wee Stoorie Press
  • The Day It Never Got Dark In Dundee by Ian Spring - Rymour Books
  • The Itchy Coo Book o Aesop's Fables in Scots by Matthew Fitt and James Robertson, illustrated by Emma Chichester Clark - Itchy Coo

You can read more about the 2021 awardees on the Scottish Book Trust website.