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29 July 2021

Statement on Stirling Publishing

17 March 2021

Following on from recent reports in the media that a Publishing Scotland member publisher, Stirling Publishing, had taken on a particular book rejected by another publishing company, there were concerns expressed about their publishing ethos and values. There are also issues relating to another Stirling Publishing title which are under legal review; we cannot comment any further on that matter but we are in contact with the Society of Authors and are ready to offer support. The Publishing Scotland board and staff have taken the view that the values of that particular publishing company have no place within our organisation. We contacted the company and they have agreed to tender their resignation with immediate effect.

As a membership body and registered charity, Publishing Scotland is committed to promoting equality, diversity and inclusion, fostering a culture that actively values difference and recognises that people from different backgrounds and experiences can bring valuable insights to the publishing industry, the literature community, and the workplace. There is a Code of Practice which publishers sign up to when they join, and a Complaints procedure to report breaches. We will be reflecting on the need to strengthen that Code in the coming months. 

The Board and staff of Publishing Scotland