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23 June 2021

Witherbys launches marine library for seafarers

15 January 2021

Based in Edinburgh, Witherbys is one of Scotland's largest and most successful publishing companies, exporting a portfolio of more 400 specialist titles in the shipping sector to more than 110 countries.

The publisher has now launched new ereader software, Witherby Connect, to allow seafarers to access the latest information and guidance instantly and easily. The new software will enable mariners anywhere in the world to continue to reference a library of publications, with the hybrid software delivering more flexibility and security for those working at sea.

Created by Witherbys' in house development team, Witherby Connect takes advantage of new technological advances to better answer specific critical requirements for an eBook reader for the marine industry. The programme has been designed with the new IMO requirements on cyber security as a major consideration and, in an increasingly digital world, Witherby Connect will enable access to all major industry publications and guidance.

Witherby Connect was created following the success of the company's previous ereaders in providing a comprehensive marine library, with the additional benefit of flexibility to use on and offline, while bringing all previously enjoyed search capabilities. The product protects the IP of authors and publishers, is browser based so suitable for use even when internet provision cannot be guaranteed and users can print and copy limited extracts for reference.


For more information about Witherby Connect, see the press release of 13 January 2021.

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