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Sustainability in publishing

We’ll be working with everyone in the industry to contribute to its sustainability. We will report regularly on this and in the meantime we’ve put together some information and resources.  

Sometimes the issue of sustainability in publishing seems so overwhelming that it is difficult to know where to start. It is also clear that everyone has to work together on everything – not just the obvious things like paper and shipping but things we might not at first consider such as efficient hardware and software. 

Get Informed about sustainability
Find out about sustainability issues at Green BIC brunches and other industry events.

What the industry is doing so far
Read about some of the industry’s policies and initiatives.

What is net zero and how to reach it?
Scottish businesses are showing a growing interest in reaching net zero carbon emissions. Scottish Enterprise has a useful article on its website exploring the trend with insights from its team of sustainability specialists on what it takes to reach net zero and a 10-step checklist to ensure an effective strategy. See the Scottish Enterprise website.