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Edelweiss by Above the Treeline – Work Better, Read More

We provide Edelweiss+, an online sales and marketing platform for publishers, used by 150,000 booksellers, librarians, publishers and reviewers worldwide. There are currently 6000 users based on the UK or Ireland, including around 700 retailers.

Edelweiss+: Digital Catalogue
Edelweiss+ is a unique digital catalogue platform for publishers to efficiently and effectively sell and market their books to the trade, both domestically and internationally. The platform is a suite of tools for creating presentations, collaborating on subs and orders, hosting digital ARCs, and connecting with customers. It is also widely used by  booksellers, librarians, and other book professionals for buying, title selection, reviewing, and curating lists of books.

Edelweiss+ Analytics: ePOS Analytics
Our Edelweiss+ Analytics feature allows independent booksellers to see beyond the four walls of their shop by providing a visual tool that helps them identify titles they may be missing relative to their peers, watch trends within their shop and the wider peer group, rebalance stock, and quickly identify candidates for re-merchandising or return. There are about 250 Edelweiss Analytics clients in the UK, including 13 Blackwell’s shops. As part of Edelweiss+, publishers can also access this information for their own titles, as well as overall Edelweiss+ usage and ARC downloads. Analytics data not only encompasses sales at the indies, but also current stock positions, and on order numbers directly from the POS data. We work with all the major ePOS providers in the UK and US.

Edelweiss360: Email Marketing
Edelweiss360 is a recently developed tool used by booksellers to quickly tie their stock, and pre-orders to appropriate customers from their loyalty program to easily generate relevant and targeted email campaigns, pulling in covers, staff blurbs, and reviews automatically. Recipients can easily purchase either directly from the shop or via, depending on the retailer’s preference.

Edelweiss Communities
Edelweiss+ Communities are groups within that users can join based on reading interest, affiliation (for example, the Booksellers Association members), awards committee membership, or any other topic. Within these spaces, users can share reviews and discussion about books, as well as collaborative lists of titles.

The mission of our Treeline 2020 programs is to identify and dismantle the barriers to diversity and inclusion in these industries. We will do this through listening, collaboration, networking, mentoring, internships and investment. Our goal is to improve the industry by increasing access.

Virtual Events
For 2021, we are launching virtual author signings, and the Edelweiss BookFest, which are US-based events but open to any publisher or book professional in the UK or internationally. The events combine the technology and book marketing that Edelweiss+ provides with the expertise of 365 Media, a virtual conference platform.

Edelweiss+ (basic access is free)
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