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Studies in Photography


Studies in Photography is the trading name of the Scottish Society for the History of Photography. It is developing two complementary book series in partnership with Edinburgh University Press.


Visual Arts and Culture: Thematic Studies

The first series of publications is created under the rubric Visual Arts and Culture: Thematic Studies. This series extends the interest in photographic practice to include events wherein photography has been appointed to document complex conceptual projects. In respect of this mission two extant publications explore critical cultural and political themes. One, titled Strategy: Get Arts: 35 Artists Who Broke the Rules, examines the formation and ramifications of the landmark exhibition held at the Edinburgh International Festival in 1970. While the crucial subject of the environment is explored in Surveying the Anthropocene: Environment and Photography Now. In each publication, authoritative text adds analytical perspective to the photographs.

Future titles in this series will include:

  • The photographic record of Ian Hamilton Finlay’s ‘Little Sparta’ by Robin Gillanders,
  • The employment of photography in the working method of the conceptual artist Douglas Gordon’s ‘Black Burns’ sculpture, and
  • The Fishermen and Women’ of Hill & Adamson by Sara Stevenson.


Scottish Photographic Artists

The second series of publications, Scottish Photographic Artists, will focus upon eminent photographers who have gained an international reputation through exhibitions, awards, and publications. These artist photographers will be afforded a monographic study that will explore their work in depth, while showcasing the variety and inventiveness of their art.

The books in this series have a sympathetic format and design. Dr Sara Stevenson, the past curator of photography at the National Galleries of Scotland, will introduce each photographer. Further writings will include a reflective essay, by the artist, on the development and content of their creative practice. This review will be accompanied by critical insights from academics, curators and gallerists that will provide a platform of interpretation and analysis. Each book will be fully illustrated with a ‘gallery’ of the artist’s finest images.

The first book in this series will consider the exquisite cyanotypes of Alexander Hamilton (Chair of Studies in Photography) who will subsequently act as Series Editor. Further publications will reflect upon the photographs of acclaimed photographers including David Williams, Robin Gillanders and Jane Brettle, and others.

All books are richly illustrated and beautifully bound in hard cover format. They are also available in companion e-format.

This is an exciting development in publishing. It will demonstrate the relevance of Scottish art within an international context, while recognising the means by which photography continues to have a critical determination in the contemporary world.



Studies in Photography is internationally recognised for its journals, with member subscribers from leading UK, US, and European photographic centres and public and private-sector research libraries.

The journal’s relationship with the National Galleries of Scotland is the cornerstone of a program, that supports the delivery of lectures, exhibitions, and other public engagement with photography in Scotland and abroad.

Our journals, which have been in publication for forty years are unique in offering an understanding of the history of photography and the emerging new voices that our shaping the future of photography. We now hold, within our archive, over three hundred articles created by leading academics and writers.

A recent development has been the publication of journals in association with other organisations, this includes Leaves in partnership with Astley Ainslie Community Trust and the publication of conference papers in association with the National Trust for Scotland.

The White Horse Press

The White Horse Press is a small independent publisher specialising in scholarly books and journals on environment and society. We aspire to standards of academic quality as high as those of the best international scholarly publishers, and to a friendliness and personal touch that far exceeds them. Both in journal and book publishing, we offer intelligent, flexible and individual treatment from editors with academic backgrounds and writing experience. Our small size gives us agility to navigate the changing publishing landscape, and freedom to define our own publication agenda. We have thirty years’ experience of managing and adapting to the systems and standards required in scholarly publishing. We are an independent family business, founded in 1991 and run by Sarah Johnson, her parents Andrew and Alison, and her cousin James Rice.

We publish four respected subscription journals, Environmental Values (IF 2019, 2.158), Environment and History (IF 2019, 0.698), Global Environment and Nomadic Peoples. From 2022 we will publish two Open Access journals, Climates and Cultures in History and The Journal of Population and Sustainability. We have an expanding booklist of monographs and edited collections that mesh with the themes of our journals, and those tangential to them: cultural history with an environmental flavour, conservation history, the history of environmental ideas… We are currently developing an Open Access booklist. Over the years, our books and journals have been recognised with prizes and field-leading Impact Factors.

Established: 1991

Publications (yearly average): 3 books, 4-6 journals

Types of books published: Scholarly monographs and multi-author volumes on environment and society.

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Extremis Publishing

Extremis Publishing is an independent publishing house based in the heart of Scotland which is dedicated to producing the highest quality of non-fiction in the subject areas of the arts, media and culture. We are committed to the delivery of a publishing programme which is innovative, original and wide-reaching.

Founded by brother and sister publishing team Tom and Julie Christie in 2015, Extremis Publishing sources and promotes new writing by its authors with the goal of reaching a readership both in the United Kingdom and throughout international markets. We are dedicated to building the company’s portfolio of texts as we diversity our catalogue of publications.

In September 2021, Extremis Publishing was named Independent Publishing Company of the Year at the Scotland Prestige Awards 2021/22, presented by Corporate LiveWire. The judging panel based their decisions upon criteria such as service excellence, quality of the products provided, innovative practices, value, ethical and sustainable methods of working, and consistency in performance.

Extremis Publishing regularly gives public presentations throughout Scotland, and often takes part in Q&A sessions about the work of the company as well as arranging author events and book signings throughout the year. The company also produces a monthly podcast and frequent video features, using a multimedia approach to promote our authors and their work worldwide.

‘Julie and Tom Christie embrace the world of writing, publishing and blogging with relish, and their positive attitude is contagious. It has been nothing but a pleasure working with them.’ – Edward Small, Lecturer in Creative Writing and Public Engagement Officer, The University of Dundee.

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‘Absolutely no doubt that Scotland has some rare talent: Tom and Julie Christie are living proof, and seeds hopefully of a new Age of Enlightenment for us – at least north of Edinburgh. Extremis Publishing is a professional and highly competent Scotland-based publishing enterprise.’ – Robert A. Cairns, Managing Director, Heart 200 Scot Ltd.

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