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Swan & Horn

Swan & Horn is a small, independent publishing house with a focus on health-related non-fiction for the public and professionals. We are expanding into fiction and non-fiction for children, also with health and wellbeing messages. Our books address the challenges of modern living, to make complex subjects accessible to non-academics, and to provide important insight, foster curiosity, expand thinking, and stimulate collaboration between disciplines. We also provide expert editorial and publishing services to self-publishing authors.

We differ from most publishers in as much as our authors deal with a single person through the entire publishing process, namely the Managing Editor, Maria Carter. This gives authors a rich and rewarding working relationship, whereby they benefit from an unparalleled level of continuity and engagement. Collaboration is encouraged every step of the way.

Established: 2011

Publications: (planned): 1–5 per year

Types of books published: Healthcare and health-related, including public health, clinical practice, medical science, ethical and social issues, mental health, psychology, parenting, and worldviews that have an impact on human well-being.

Submission details: We actively solicit material in the above areas, and from authors who approach us for editorial support (whose work lies within our publishing remit). Happy to hear from authors by email (, with a synopsis of the book, an outline of their ambitions, and a sample of text (of at least 1000 words).

Scottish Text Society

The Scottish Text Society is the leading publisher of older Scots literature. Since its foundation the Society has played a significant part in reviving interest in the literature and languages of Scotland. It has published around 150 volumes covering poetry, drama and prose from the fourteenth to the nineteenth centuries, each of which combines scholarship and accessibility.

Texts currently available include reprints of the Society’s editions of the great epic poems of the Wars of Independence, Barbour’s Bruce and Hary’s Wallace; a revised edition of The Shorter Poems of Gavin Douglas; an edition of the poetry of Scotland’s greatest Renaissance poet, Alexander Montgomerie, Poems; and Sir David Hume’s History of the House of Angus. In 2008 the Society published editions of important late-medieval poetry, The Poems of Walter Kennedy and Golagros and Gawane. In collaboration with the National Library of Scotland it has also issued a DVD, The Chepman and Myllar Prints, which gives access, via digitised facsimile, to the work of Scotland’s first printers.

Established: 1882

Publications (yearly average): 1

Types of books published: Editions of Scottish texts, chiefly of the medieval and Renaissance periods and including works of historiography, theology and imaginative literature

Submission details: Potential editors should send an outline of the proposed edition to the secretary, for submission to the council. Guidelines for Editors and a proforma for proposal submissions can be found on the Society’s website.

Scottish Book Trust

Scottish Book Trust has been bringing the benefits of reading and writing to everyone in Scotland since 1998. Every year, we deliver our world-class programmes and annual awards to well over two million people. From introducing books and storytelling to pre-school children to inspiring and empowering adult readers and writers, we believe it’s never too early – or too late – to begin a magical journey with words.

We deliver our programmes in every local authority area in Scotland and we work with partners ranging from small community groups to the Scottish Government. You’ll find us in schools and libraries and at community events. You’ll find us in towns and cities and in isolated, rural communities. And you’ll find us bringing books to life for children in care, families living in challenging social circumstances and people in prison. In short, you’ll find us wherever we’re needed most.

Company established: 1998

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE) is one of the world’s leading botanic gardens and renowned centre for plant science, conservation and education. Its internationally acclaimed living collection of plants is located across four Gardens, Edinburgh, Benmore, Dawyck and Logan, which attract over one million visitors a year.

The Publications team publishes books to inspire and inform readers about the fascinating world of plants and fungi.  Topics include botany, horticulture, science, botanical art, history, gardening and children’s interest. The books offer something of interest for a wide audience from botanists and academics to the general public of all ages.

Established: RBGE was founded in 1670, the publications office opened in 1986

Publications (yearly average): 4

Types of books published: Botanical, horticultural, scientific, art, history, general interest

Submission details: Submit a book synopsis along with a book proposal outlining potential markets and 3 sample chapters.

Pipin’s Book

The beginnings of publishing house Pipin’s Book go back to 2011 and our Slovenian roots. We are a sister company of the Slovenian Publishing House Pipinova Knjiga – which literary translates to Pipin’s Book.

We are primarily dedicated to Slovenian – British alliance, bringing Slovenian books to the UK market and bringing books of British authors to the Slovenian market.

Our focus area is educational publishing. This could be in the form of expanding the richness of vocabulary for young readers; raising environmental awareness among children; presenting ideas on how to lead a healthier life style; or following the development of professional athletes through their sport. We are constantly looking for innovative programs and teaching approaches and we are continuously preparing a variety of material which supports education from pre-school years onwards, helping teachers, children and parents to navigate through the guidelines of educational systems.

Established: 2016

Publications (yearly average): 1–3

Submission Details: We are always open to fresh ideas from new and already accomplished authors. Initial ideas transferred onto a couple of pages of paper, or the entire book, we are always happy to read it and see if it would be of our interest to progress with the publication.

NMS Enterprises Limited – Publishing

We produce lavishly illustrated catalogues for Museum exhibitions such as The Jacobites; Scotland’s Early Silver; Rip it up: The story of Scottish pop; Embroidered Stories: Scottish Samplers and Wild and Majestic: Romantic Visions of Scotland.

Our very varied list includes: The Lewis Chessmen Unmasked; Early Medieval Scotland; Commando Country; Scottish Photography: The First Thirty Years; Sir Walter Scott: A Life in Story, Jock’s Jocks: Voices of Scottish Soldiers from the First World War and Going to the Berries: Voices of Perthshire and Angus Seasonal Workers – these last two are co-publications with the European Ethnological Research Centre.

We also publish the Scotties activity series for young readers at home or at school. Titles currently available include The JacobitesMary, Queen of ScotsScotland’s Vikings; and Scottish Kings and Queens.

Most of our books come through Museum curators or are commissioned, but the Publishing Director is open to ideas of scholarly or popular Scottish interest in our subject areas.

Established: 1985 as National Museums of Scotland; 2002 as NMS Enterprises Limited – Publishing
Publications (yearly average): 10
Types of books published: Trade; scholarly books on history, art, archaeology, science, technology, geology, ethnography, natural history; popular Scottish history and culture; biography; photographic archive.
Submission details: Send an outline and a covering letter in the first instance.

Moonlight Publishing Ltd

Moonlight Publishing was founded in 1980 to create a new kind of information book for young children. From the start our aim was to explain how things work and how different facts are related to one another, why the world is as it is and why people and things interact in everyday life as they do.

Discovery has always been the theme behind our publishing and most of our series are named accordingly. Our most successful series, First Discovery, has sold over 40 million copies in 30 languages around the world, which proves that these books have a universal appeal.

Although we are a small independent company, we operate all over the world through publishing partnerships.

The majority of our readers are repeat buyers; many collect our series. Many customers buy direct from us because they can’t find the full range of our books in bookshops.

Established: 1980

Types of books published: Children’s illustrated non-fiction

Submission details: We do not accept unsolicited manuscripts

Leckie & Leckie

Founded in 1989, Leckie & Leckie is Scotland’s leading educational publisher, with a list of over 200 revision guides specifically for Scottish secondary education students. Published principally in a full colour A4 format, our tried and tested books have been the first choice for hundreds of thousands of successful Scottish students.

We specialise in revision guides and course notes for Scotland’s national qualifications, focusing on exactly what students need to know to pass their exams. In 2009 Leckie & Leckie introduced a new series to the educational market: Practice Papers for SQA Exams – brand new exam-style questions with fully-worked answer sections, marking schemes, topic indexes and revision tips and advice, showing students exactly what examiners are looking for and how to aim for the best grade.

Also in 2009, Leckie & Leckie introduced the first series dedicated to implementing Curriculum for Excellence called ACTIVE Learning. This is a range for S1 to S3, available for a range of subject areas.

Broadly available in bookshops and bought by students and parents, the Leckie & Leckie range of books is also widely adopted by teachers for school use throughout Scotland.

Established: 1989

Publications (yearly average): 20

Types of books published: Scottish teaching, learning and revision

Submission details: We accept unsolicited manuscripts

Hodder Gibson

Hodder Gibson publishes the widest and largest range of textbooks and revision guides in Scotland – including the award-winning How to Pass series – and is the home of TeeJay Maths, Scotland’s No. 1 Maths publisher and also RS Assessment, well known in Scottish Schools for their Maths and Reading Assessments, such as MALT and Progress in Reading Assessments, used in some of the ongoing initiatives in Scotland. Our publishing is largely focused on the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence, providing resources for primary schools, secondary schools and FE colleges as well as continuing professional development for Scottish teachers. We also publish a growing number of electronic support materials for interactive learning.

We won the Times Educational Supplement Scotland/Saltire Society Award for Educational Book of the Year on no fewer than eight occasions in the competition’s twelve-year history, and were commended or highly commended in three of the other four years.

Established: 2002 (part of Hodder Education), Hodder Education established 1906, Robert Gibson established 1874

Publications (yearly average): 50

Types of books published: Educational textbooks and revision guides for the Scottish curriculum

Submission details: Contact Rosie Howie in the first instance

Historic Environment Scotland

Historic Environment Scotland (HES) is the lead public body for Scotland’s historic environment: a charity dedicated to the advancement of heritage, culture, education and environmental protection.

Our books tell the stories of Scotland. From landmark works of expert research to creative collaborations with internationally renowned authors, our aim is to explore ideas and start conversations about the past, present and future of our nation’s history and heritage.

Established: 2015 (as RCAHMS, 1908)

Publications: 50

Types of books published: Both general trade and specialised books exploring the history of Scotland, and in particular its architecture, archaeology and industry.

Submission details: We do not accept unsolicited manuscripts