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Vagabond Voices

Vagabond Voices is a small, independent publisher based in Glasgow, mainly committed to the translation and publication of contemporary and classic novels in English.

They have published Lithuania’s greatest modernist novel, White Shroud, and are currently involved with the monumental pentalogy by Estonia’s greatest and most complex writer, A.H. Tammsaare, Truth and Justice. The first volume, Vargamäe, was published in 2018, and Volume II will be out in 2022.

The leading Italian author from the interwar years, Corrado Alvaro, wrote an anti-Soviet dystopian novel in 1938, a decade before George Orwell, and they published this key text – Fear in the World – in 2020.

Vagabond Voices also publishes some poetry, political polemics and very occasionally plays. The publishing house takes great care over its editions, particularly the cover designs by Mark Mechan and the layout by Craig Brown.

Charco Press

Edinburgh-based Charco Press, founded by Samuel McDowell and Carolina Orloff, aims to change the current literary scene to make room for a kind of literature that has been overlooked and expose the UK reader to new and exciting voices. Charco Press is thrilled to be publishing some of the most significant names in Latin American literature, bringing together the best in original writing and translation to introduce readers to extraordinary, groundbreaking fiction, previously translated into multiple languages and now available in English for the first time.