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Lexus started up in 1980, some years before the car. The company was founded by a group of bilingual lexicographers who had learned their trade in the bilingual dictionary department of Collins Publishers. At first Lexus was a packager and created a wide range of dictionaries, schoolbooks, grammars and phrasebooks (over 200 titles) in over 20 language combinations. Our customers were publishers in the UK and abroad. Now Lexus publishes its own books. The growing list puts the focus on language, language learning and Scottish interest titles. A good number of our books are backed up by online audio files.

Lexus has now launched a new imprint called Voices. The specialism: memoirs. The first title, To This Northern Shore, is written by Jean-Luc Barbanneau, sometime publishing director at Harrap. The book traces his life and experiences from Algeria to Paris to Brighton to London to Oxford and finally to where he has now settled in a small town on the Firth of Forth.

Some examples of our titles are:

Gaelic Gold and Gaelic Gold Decoder: two pocket dictionaries for learners of Gaelic.

The Maggie Midge series of illustrated stories with a smattering of Gaelic.

Illustrated Scottish folktales with a smattering of Gaelic (The Selkie, Fiddlers in Fairyland, Is that So?, Musical-Mouth).

All four Scottish folk tales are also published as single volume editions with dual language text: one English and French (Quatre contes populaires écossais) and one English and Spanish (Cuatro cuentos populares escoceses).

Mess on the Floor, illustrated children’s books in dual language rhyming couplets in French, German, Spanish and Gaelic. For more advanced learners there is Me and My Mobile, also in French and English rhyming couplets.

The Colourful Languages series of dual language books combines a little gentle exposure to another language with peaceful colouring-in. Most of them have Scottish themes: (the sights of Edinburgh in Scots, Edinburgh in Gaelic, Inverness in Gaelic and English, the Glasgow underground in Gaelic and English, a Zoo in French and English).

What’s in a Scottish Placename is a new type of placename book, exploring the country area by area and with illustrations and notes about local features. Edingow and Glasburgh does the same for two big cities. ScotlandSpeak is a little dictionary of Scots.

Distribution: You can get our books from Gardners, Lomond Books or Bookspeed. And we are always happy to ship books directly to you.

Submissions: yes please, ideas make the world go round.


The Scottish Library and Information Council (SLIC), established in 1991, is the independent advisory body to the Scottish Government on library and information related matters.

Members are drawn from the public sector, school libraries, higher education institutions, further education colleges, health libraries and special interest libraries.

SLIC is a registered charity and registered company guided by a Board with strong sector and industry representation as well as independent members. SLIC is core funded by the Scottish Government and achieves additional funding to support its purpose through its membership and projects.

SLIC aims to:

  • Provide a leadership focus for Scottish library and information services and to facilitate coordination on a national level.
  • Lead development in the library sector.
  • Promote understanding of Scotland’s library and information sector and its firm contribution to the life of the nation.
  • Monitor standards of provision and promote development.
  • Advise the Scottish Government on all matters concerning library and information services.
  • Undertake research and promote innovation.
  • Foster partnerships with relevant organisations and institutions to further SLIC’s strategic objectives.
  • Award grants to promote innovative developments in Scottish library and information services.

Jane’s Studio

Jane Cornwell is an illustrator, designer & typesetter, she has four years of experience providing illustrations and design (including ‘nose art’ for aircraft) internal and external design of books, EPUB, website design & promotional material for both companies and self-publishers. Jane’s produced fiction, non-fiction, verse, text-book and academic titles. She recently set up a micro press, Jane’s Studio Press, she enjoys working with her favourite authors and poets to produce and publish beautiful books.

Recent titles include The Wonderland in AliceKeeping AfloatMax the Rabbit’s Close EncounterThe Adventures of Zak and Rory seriesThe Darker Half seriesThe Sweet Nightmares TrilogyThe Exile WaitingMacmoley Moves Home… for a full list please visit Jane’s website:

Clients include Handheld Press, CTS group, Austin Macauley, Beech London, The Wee Book Company and independent authors.

Belle Media

Belle Media develops creative content and IP and has produced hardback, paperback and picture books, ebooks, audiobooks, video games, comic strips and digital portals. Belle Media is the creator and publisher of Tigeropolis, The Adventures of Captain Bobo and Hurricane Hutch, and they are always open to collaborations.

Wild Goose Publications

Wild Goose Publications produces books, e-books, CDs and digital downloads relating to the community’s concerns for social justice, political and peace issues, holistic spirituality, care for creation, and healing, and supplies innovative resources for worship, meditative reflection and group work. Our niche market tends to be spiritual leaders looking for new approaches to worship and group work, but we also publish wider-ranging material, such as books on labyrinths, guides to Iona and St Cuthbert’s Way, material for personal reflection and perspectives on historical figures such as St Columba and Adomnán.

Established: 1985

Publications (yearly average): books 10 / e-books 10 / CDs 2 / Digital downloads 40

Types of books published: Non-fiction, spiritual, religious, music

Submission details: Please email synopsis and at least two sample chapters to

Waverley Books

Quirky, special, niche and Scottish, Waverley Books publish well-designed, high-quality books and gift stationery with Scottish connections – history, nostalgia, fiction, humour, travel writing and cookery. Geddes & Grosset publishes reference, educational and children’s books. Waverley produces high-quality notebooks made with British cloth supplied with the authority of Kinloch Anderson.

These imprints are part of The Gresham Publishing Company Limited, an independent company based in Glasgow, and have been publishing books for over 25 years. /

Established: 1988 as Geddes and Grosset, Waverley established 1997

Types of books published: High-quality books on Scotland, history, trains, nostalgia, fiction, cookery

Submission details: Non-fiction/general reference by letter and synopsis with sample chapter to Ron Grosset

Vagabond Voices

Vagabond Voices is a small, independent publisher based in Glasgow, mainly committed to the translation and publication of contemporary and classic novels in English.

They have published Lithuania’s greatest modernist novel, White Shroud, and are currently involved with the monumental pentalogy by Estonia’s greatest and most complex writer, A.H. Tammsaare, Truth and Justice. The first volume, Vargamäe, was published in 2018, and Volume II will be out in 2022.

The leading Italian author from the interwar years, Corrado Alvaro, wrote an anti-Soviet dystopian novel in 1938, a decade before George Orwell, and they published this key text – Fear in the World – in 2020.

Vagabond Voices also publishes some poetry, political polemics and very occasionally plays. The publishing house takes great care over its editions, particularly the cover designs by Mark Mechan and the layout by Craig Brown.

Sparsile Books

Sparsile Books is a small independent publisher, based in Glasgow, specializing in high quality fiction and non-fiction. We see publishing as an art in itself, and we work closely with our authors to ensure that the books we publish give readers a unique vision of the world.


SP SQUARE cic has taken on the list of Squaw Pies, and in December 2020 established fully as a reverse-action publisher.

We work with a wide range of communities to create books that mirror their experience and promote their interests. We are particularly interested in ways to connect books to people, in particular populations that may not ordinarily use them.

In 2020 we began working with Glasgow Life – pairing books with food and undertaking live cooking workshops in libraries, now extended to video archive for the library service. Book titles with the Scottish prison population is another of our projects. Work with the local Pantry service is leading to that community representing themselves through a book, as 25 diverse nations and cuisines come together to create a record of their lives, their journeys and their kitchens. Incredible Edible have charged us with representing their vision and their worldwide network of members through a book for COP26 in November 2021. All of these projects show reverse-action publishing as a vehicle for community empowerment and social justice.

The name SP SQUARE builds on Squaw Pies, SQUAW to honour the indigenous blood of our First Nations’ grandmothers and granddaughters. PIES to grandly propose the Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual nature of humankind, or more simply to celebrate the bare pleasures of cooking, perhaps the last great oral tradition of the West. SP SQUARE is also a nod to the Spinning Plates of community, entrepreneurship and learning, coined by Incredible Edible, the unity of which is at the root our work.

Established: 2020 as SP SQUARE CIC
Publications (yearly average): 1–3
Types of books published: Cookbooks, community anthologies, community generated manuals, memoirs and poetry
Submission details: people are invited to contact us via the website.


Saraband is an award-winning independent publisher of outstanding fiction, absorbing nature and place writing, important environmental debate and compelling life writing. We publish authors with deep knowledge of the culture, landscapes, wildlife, folk traditions and history in regions around the UK. Our fiction includes literary, historical and contemporary stories reflecting UK and international perspectives. From our inception, we have provided a platform for underrepresented and marginalised voices that are often overlooked.

Our authors include Graeme Macrae Burnet, Jim Crumley, Roy Dennis, Karen Lloyd, J.A. Mensah, Ewan Morrison, Stephen Moss, Donald S Murray, Chitra Ramaswamy, Amanda Thomson and Olga Wojtas. Collectively, these and others have won and been shortlisted for many prestigious literary prizes on local, national and international levels.

Established: 1994

Publications (yearly average): 15

Types of books published: Literary fiction and narrative non-fiction

Submission details:  Accept unsolicited non-fiction submissions, but not fiction. Submissions by email only.