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BHP Comics

BHP Comics is an independent publisher based in Scotland, producing a variety of comics, graphic novels and art books that cover a wide range of topics and themes. We aim to engage, provoke, inspire and inform with the works we publish.

We also produce comic book events across the country including workshops, talks, exhibitions as well as the critically acclaimed and popular comic book festival – Glasgow Comic Con.

We publish books from landmark comics makers such as Judge Dredd creators John Wagner and Alan Grant’s Rok of the Reds and Frank Quitely’s Art of Comics. We also support cutting-edge new talent, like Clare Forrest’s Mighty Women of Science and Gary Chudleigh and Tanya Robert’s award-winning Plagued: The Miranda Chronicles.

Publications (Yearly Average): 6

Types of books published: Romance. Sci-Fi. Sport. Satire. Comedy. Historical. Factual. Autobiographical. We handle anything… except superheroes.

Established: 2013

BHP Comics highlights

The Art of Comics

Art of Comics accompanies Frank Quitely’s outstanding Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum retrospective and details his most influential work in comics

The Mighty Women of Science

The Mighty Women of Science is an alphabet art book which celebrated the contributions to science made by women who largely go unrecognised. The Mighty Women of Science details their achievements and aims to inspire the next generation of scientists.


Tomorrow is the tale an elderly woman so lonely being the last person on Earth is an improvement. Acclaimed screenwriter Jack Lothian (Ashes to Ashes, Shameless, DocMartin) and Garry Mac (Freak Out Squares) team up to create a haunting and captivating graphic novel.