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Blue Fox Comics

Blue Fox Publishing is a Scotland-based independent publisher of comics, graphic novels and books. They publish a wide variety of genres, from horror to sci-fi, fantasy to adventure. They pride themselves in their professionalism, both to their creatives and their customers. Since its creation in 2015, Blue Fox Publishing has grown quickly and publishes many titles each year. As a Scottish comics publisher, they are seeking more Scotland based content, and welcome submissions via their website. They actively seek diversity in their books and the people they work with, and whole-heartedly believe comics are for everyone.

Submission details: Blue Fox Comics accept unsolicited manuscripts, however have a few criteria that they look for. To find out more information about their submissions criteria and how to submit a manuscript please go to the submissions page of their website here:

Publications (Yearly Average): 8

Established: 2015

Blue Fox Comics highlights


The AssistA robot wakes on board a vessel that should be home to thousands of crew, but is, in fact, desolate. Confused and alone, the AssistA sets off to find out where everyone has gone to. Along the way he starts receiving interference in the forms of memories from one of the crew members, from before everyone disappeared. But can AssistA trust these memories, and is it, in fact, as alone as it thinks it is?

The Mind of James Svengal

After discovering experimental hallucinogenic pills, a troubled artist struggling with post traumatic stress disorder, embarks on a series of surreal trips into his subconscious – but it he ready for what he’ll find there? As James Svengal searches for inner peace, his life spirals out of control and he is forced to confront harsh truths about his relationships, his work and himself.

Hexes Volume 1

Four supernatural horror tales set in the same universe; a man pursued by the ghost of him as a child, a man plagued with the children of his nightmares, a woman full of guilt at the loss of her son and a sinister care home housing an all-devouring monster. Four stories, four artists, one universe.

The Shadow Over Innsmouth

Robert Ormstead is on his way from Newburyport to Arkham the cheapest way possible, which, unfortunately for him, means taking the bus through shadowed Innsmouth. Armed with his notebook, he intends not only to study the local architecture but to try and understand why this mysterious town is shunned so by its neighbours. However, what starts out as an innocent diversion, quickly descends into darkness and, ultimately, a battle for his sanity and his life.


The name “Macbeth” has been cursed for hundreds of years, synonymous with tyranny and over-vaulting ambition. But what if the true Macbeth was something other than the villain Shakespeare portrayed? Macbeth: the Red King tells an entirely new story of the real-life Scottish monarch, revealing a benevolent ruler who seized on his legitimate claim to the throne. Drawing from historical sources, this engaging graphic novel by Shaun Manning and Anna Wieszczyk is a visually stunning companion to Shakespeare’s legendary drama.

The Mountains of Madness

In 1932, two years after the initial Antarctic expedition, another sets off to try and discover exactly what happened on that fateful trip. Before it leaves, a stranger gives a notebook to the expedition director, Howard Pym, and implores him to read it before they reach their destination. Preoccupied with the voyage ahead, Howard forgets about it, and naively sails into the dangerous waters ahead.


Abandoned as a child, Robyn raised herself in the depths of Sherwood Forest. Trusting no-one, she lives from dawn to dusk in the shadows, stealing for the mysterious Tuck. Something is coming, however, and it’s something she cannot defeat alone.


This morning Hope Martinez woke up dead in an abandoned building, but that was only the start of her problems. Finding her boyfriend murdered in the hallway outside, she panics and runs, but only as far as the car parked outside which has been sitting there waiting patiently just for her…


The stars are going out. Night never ends and while others only wonder, Sparks, the bravest little robot, sets out to discover the reason why…

The Girl in the Midnight Gown

Lela’s twin sister, Darby, has been missing for days, and no one can find her. Until, that is, Lela receives a mysterious message, which guides her to Abe’s, a barbershop that’s been around for a thousand years, serving its very unique customers; heroes. With the aid of Sarah – the girl in the midnight gown – Lela sets off into a magical, fairy-tale, world to seek out Darby, unaware that nothing is quite what it seems…