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Golden Hare Publishing

The publishing division of Golden Hare Books, Golden Hare Publishing works on a variety of genres including poetry, fiction, non-fiction and children’s.

Notable publications include:

  • The Meadows by Robin Leanse, a 101 sonnet sequence
  • a new edition of Hugh Walpole’s The Cathedral
  • the children’s title The Piper and the Penguin by Stella Powell-Jones and Katie Riddell.

Golden Hare Publishing highlights

'The Meadows' by Robin Leanse

The Meadows is a remarkable sequence of 101 sonnets that seeks at once to celebrate the life of an exceptional teacher and attempts to make sense of his tragic death. Robin Leanse’s mastery of form becomes a way of taking on the formlessness of loss. His style has an effortlessly conversational quality that is brilliantly achieved, the work of a poet at the height of his powers.

'The Cathedral' by Hugh Walpole

Immensely successful in his own time and endowed with great narrative and descriptive gifts Hugh Walpole regarded The Cathedral, first published in 1922, as his best story. It tells of life in a town dominated by the brooding presence of its great cathedral.