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Knight Errant Press

Knight Errant Press is an independent publisher based in Falkirk, Scotland.

We saw a definite lack of distinctly queer publishing and decided to step up. We want to empower writers to write more openly and more queerly and to not shy away from drawing on and portraying experiences that are important to them simply because the majority of the publishing world is failing to represent them in their fullness and variety.  Knight Errant runs on the efforts and support of part-time staff and freelancers, we aim to publish at least two books per calendar year. More is not always better and we prefer to put everything we’ve got into the few books we make to make them the best they can be.

We publish a variety of work – fiction, poetry, flash fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels and comics – and are particularly keen on short form and on work that is intersectional and challenges literary genres and societal norms.

Our ultimate aim is to bring to the world more stories written by, from and about LGBTQIA+, BAME/POC, working class folk, people with disabilities as well as migrants and the displaced. As well as being the bridge for these narratives and stories from cultures and languages outwith the Anglophone sphere of influence by supporting translators and publishing works and authors in translation.

In addition to our print and online publishing activities, we run creative writing workshops that aim to support writers of all levels of experience in order to gain confidence, learn new skills and demystify publishing. These workshops are run online and locally across the central belt of Scotland.

Publications (Yearly Average): 2

Established: 2017

Submission details: Knight Errant Press accepts unsolicited manuscripts, however we have a few criteria that we look for and are not open for submissions year round. We only accept email submissions. Please check what projects are open before submitting. To find out more information about our submissions criteria, current projects and how to submit a manuscript please go to the submissions page.

Types of books published: social commentary anthologies and non-fiction, short story and poetry collections, contemporary fiction, flash fiction, comics and graphic novels, creative non-fiction.

A video about the press and our work:

Knight Errant Press highlights

F, M or Other

F, M or Other: Quarrels with the Gender Binary Volume 1. Gender – it affects us all, but what exactly is it? There isn’t a single, straightforward answer to put your mind at ease. In the form of compelling poetry, prose, essays and graphic storytelling, this anthology will address the issue head on. From fierce feminism to modern masculinity, perspectives on passing to nuanced experiences of identities beyond the binary, the authors dispel the idea of a single narrative and invite the reader to take in the multitude of lived and imagined experiences.

Queering the Map of Glasgow

Queering the Map of Glasgow was inspired by the community-generated mapping project Queering the Map. It is a collection of short stories, poetry and an essay that explore the nooks and crannies of Glasgow city and its inhabitants.

The works in this collection chart the fictional, real and liminal spaces and moments lost in the folds of the map. It is a map unlike any other: adding detail and fable it is neither complete nor fixed, it is a fold in the world. And a queer one at that.

Vicky Romeo plus Joolz by Ely Percy

Ely Percy’s debut novel is the first of a trilogy set in the heart of Glasgow at the turn of the 21st century. It observes Glasgow from an unapologetically pink-tinged angle and is a heady blend of romance, local storytelling and humour.

This novel, set in a gay bar, owns its queer history with a relish that spills over into an exuberantly camp parody. Ely captures a perfect snapshot of this locum, of what it was like to be Scottish, working-class and queer in that crucial period of LGBT history.

Love, Pan-Fried by Gray Crosbie

Love, Pan-Fried is a collection of flash fiction penned by writer and Scottish spoken word performer Gray Crosbie (BBC Social). This powerful, pocket-size collection of surreal stories covers a large range of subjects (from love to shape-shifting) and dissects them with its sharp and poetic prose.