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Moonlight Publishing Ltd

Moonlight Publishing was founded in 1980 to create a new kind of information book for young children. From the start our aim was to explain how things work and how different facts are related to one another, why the world is as it is and why people and things interact in everyday life as they do.

Discovery has always been the theme behind our publishing and most of our series are named accordingly. Our most successful series, First Discovery, has sold over 40 million copies in 30 languages around the world, which proves that these books have a universal appeal.

Although we are a small independent company, we operate all over the world through publishing partnerships.

The majority of our readers are repeat buyers; many collect our series. Many customers buy direct from us because they can’t find the full range of our books in bookshops.

Established: 1980

Types of books published: Children’s illustrated non-fiction

Submission details: We do not accept unsolicited manuscripts

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Moonlight Publishing

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Moonlight Publishing

Insects from My First Discovery series by Moonlight Publishing.