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Sainted Media

Sainted Media creates family friendly books and apps for a global community. Our mission is to create beautiful digital products for the whole family to enjoy. In the fulfillment of our mission we work with the best talent in the world, from recent graduates to international broadcasters.

We are creating a series of action packed adventure filled storybooks for children based on the lives of the saints, as well as adventure books for girls. Our titles include Grace O’Malley Pirate QueenMonica Pink Pet ShrinkSusan SeafarerSt PatrickSt AndrewSt Francis of AssisiSt Joan of Arc.

We have acquired the rights to create Hemingway and F Scott Fitzgerald literary guidebooks with many titles now published: see the Walking with Writers series.

Sainted Media highlights

Saint Andrew cover Sainted Media
Saint Andrew

Saint Andrew by Patrick Small and Mara Aum. The Gaelic translation is by Gillebride MacIllemhaoil and the Spanish translation by Monica Caballero. Saint Andrew is available in Russian as well – translated by Global Language Services.

Susan Seafarer

Susan Seafarer by Frances O’Neill (Author) and Mara Aum (Illustrator).

Monica Pink Pet Shrink

Monica Pink Pet Shrink by Frances O’Neill (Author) and Mara Aum (Illustrator). Monica Pink Pet Shrink is also available in Russian and Chinese (both translations by Global Language Services).

F. Scott Fitzgerald in Paris cover Sainted Media
F. Scott Fitzgerald in Paris

One of the F. Scott Fitzgerald series which includes Baltimore, Hollywood, Provence, New York, London and more.

Ernest Hemingway in London cover
Ernest Hemingway in London

One of the Ernest Hemingway series which includes Cuba, Italy, Key West, Paris and more.

Saint Patrick

Image from Saint Patrick by Patrick Small (Author) and Jesse Boothe (Illustrator).

St Joan

Image from St Joan of Arc.