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Salamander Street

Salamander Street is an independent publisher specialising in theatre and performance, run by staff with nearly two decades’ worth of experience in publishing.

Founded in Leith, Salamander Street’s first published book was a dual volume of Peter Arnott’s Tay Bridge and The Signalman.

Other books include the first collection of plays from Glasgow’s A Play, a Pie and a Pint, an anthology of plays from The Village Pub Theatre in Leith and an oral history of legendary Glaswegian venue The Arches by Kirstin Innes.

As well as script publishing, Salamander Street actively promotes and administers the amateur rights to its plays.

Established: 2019

Publications: 20–30 per year average

Types of books published: Contemporary drama and play scripts, theatre-in-education, theatre biography and history.

Salamander Street highlights

A Play, A Pie and a Pint: Volume One

Volume One collects some of the most popular and critically acclaimed plays from the phenomenal back catalogue. Edited by Morag Fullarton and April Chamberlain.

The Tay Bridge and the Signalman

Two plays by Peter Arnott.

Hope and Joy & The Return

Two plays by Ellie Stewart.

Chicken Burger N Chips

A play by Corey Bovell.