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Scottish Text Society

The Scottish Text Society is the leading publisher of older Scots literature. Since its foundation the Society has played a significant part in reviving interest in the literature and languages of Scotland. It has published around 150 volumes covering poetry, drama and prose from the fourteenth to the nineteenth centuries, each of which combines scholarship and accessibility.

Texts currently available include reprints of the Society’s editions of the great epic poems of the Wars of Independence, Barbour’s Bruce and Hary’s Wallace; a revised edition of The Shorter Poems of Gavin Douglas; an edition of the poetry of Scotland’s greatest Renaissance poet, Alexander Montgomerie, Poems; and Sir David Hume’s History of the House of Angus. In 2008 the Society published editions of important late-medieval poetry, The Poems of Walter Kennedy and Golagros and Gawane. In collaboration with the National Library of Scotland it has also issued a DVD, The Chepman and Myllar Prints, which gives access, via digitised facsimile, to the work of Scotland’s first printers.

Established: 1882

Publications (yearly average): 1

Types of books published: Editions of Scottish texts, chiefly of the medieval and Renaissance periods and including works of historiography, theology and imaginative literature

Submission details: Potential editors should send an outline of the proposed edition to the secretary, for submission to the council. Guidelines for Editors and a proforma for proposal submissions can be found on the Society’s website.