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thi wurd

thi wurd began in 2006, a Glasgow based publisher, dedicated to quality fiction. It owes its name to the generosity of Tom Leonard, who agreed thi wurd could take its name from one of his poems.

From the beginning, thi wurd has aimed to be an outlet for committed writers and artists. It has published magazines and anthologies of new writing since 2012, and since 2019 has been publishing new work by James Kelman.

thi wurd is supported by an editorial team, and has strong links with other independent publishers across the UK. Its calendar of events, and open submissions policy, has helped in the discovery and liberation of original voices, and it continues to be an outlet for great art.

Established: 2006

Publications: 2 a year (on average)

Types of books published: primarily quality fiction, with some non-fiction. Magazines and anthologies of shorter fiction and essays.

Submission details: thi wurd has an open submissions policy. Clean, well-formatted manuscripts of short stories, novels, poetry and essays can be emailed to us. Please see for the most up-to-date submission guidelines.

thi wurd highlights

What I Do (Memoirs) by James Kelman
Tales of Here & Then by James Kelman
The Freedom To Think Kurdistan by James Kelman
thi wurd magazine – Issue 3
thi wurd magazine – Issue 2
thi wurd magazine – Issue 1
Tales of a Cancelled Country
Work in Progress