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Tippermuir Books Ltd

Tippermuir Books Ltd is a book publisher based in Perth. Established in 2009, Tippermuir seeks to add to the cultural life of Scotland by publishing interesting and worthy books in English and Scots. Our strength is our smallness and love of the written word. Our published titles to date have been purposefully broad in theme – we publish books that appeal to us and/or we feel are important culturally and socially. These include our brilliantly successful The Tale of the Wee Mowdie by Werner Holzwarth, illustrated by Wolf Erlbruch and translated by Matthew Mackie; Hunters Wee Stories from the Crescent by Anthony Camilleri (with a foreword by Stuart Cosgrove), and Trust by Ajay Close.

We welcome submissions which will receive swift, honest, and supportive responses. Our name comes from the Battle of Tippermuir (1 September 1644), which saw an army of Irish mercenaries and Highland troops led by the 1st Marquis of Montrose and Alasdair Mac Colla rout a numerically-superior government army. Tippermuir lies just to the west of Perth.

Established: 2009

Publications: 5/6 per year currently

Types of books published: Biography and memoirs, History, Local History, Military History, Non-fiction, Poetry, Scots Language (children’s and adult – poetry and prose), Scottish interest, and more.

Submission details: Accept submissions by email

Tippermuir Books Ltd highlights

The Tale of the wee Mowdie cover Tippermuir Books
The Tale o the Wee Mowdie

The Tale o the Wee Mowdie by Werner Holzwarth (Author), Wolf Erlbruch (Illustrator). Translated by Matthew Mackie (Tippermuir Books).

Hunters Wee Stories from the Crescent Tippermuir
Hunters: Wee Stories From The Crescent

Hunters: Wee Stories From The Crescent: A Reminiscence of Perth’s Hunter Crescent by Anthony Camilleri (Tippermuir Books)

Beyond the Swelkie cover Tippermuir Books
Beyond the Swelkie

Beyond the Swelkie: A Collection of New Poems & Essays to Mark the Centenary of George Mackay Brown (1921-1996) by George Mackay Brown (Author), Dr Paul S Philippou (Editor), Jim Macintosh (Editor) (Tippermuir).